Race inequality between US Whitez and Afrikan-Amerikanz by the Numberz (Again)

By Juan Cole | Nov. 26, 2014 | With regard to employment, African-Americans got hit harder by the Bush Depression than did whites, and jobs have not come back for them at nearly the same rate: This vast difference between Euro-American and African-American rates of employment holds true regardless of educational level; college-educated African-Americans are […]

“Mizgivingz:” An Afrikan-centered, Indigenouz-centered View

By Mama Marimba Ani A group of European scavengers, many of whom had been imprisoned or homeless in England, arrived in New England in 1620. They first lived on Turtle Island. Half of them died within the first few months. Squanto, of the Pequot people, who had been enslaved by the Europeans and taken to […]


‘LIBERATION OR GANGSTERISM’ – BY RUSSEL ‘MAROON’ SHOATZ , EX BLACK LIBERATION ARMY / PANTHER POLITICAL PRISONER BREAKS IT DOWN Short introduction – problematics of gangsterism in revolutionary praxis The following is an article I came across in the excellent one volume collected writings of the elder revolutionary brother Russell Maroon Shoatz. A towering revolutionary […]

Leonard Peltier: A Thankful Prayer

Greetings my Relatives, Friends, & Supporters: I was thinking about the national holiday “ Thanksgiving” the other day.  I won’t even go into what a horrible shame this American holiday is based on.  Instead, I will just let it remind me of the common bond I have with all my brothers and sisters of the […]

Bro. Shep’z Guidelinez For Non-Violent Public Protest Marchez and Ralliez

  BEFORE YOU TAKE THE STREETS: *Zulu King Sadiki “Bro. Shep” Olugbala s/n Shepard P. McDaniel, is a former member of the “original” Black Panther Party New York State Chapter, who has over 42 years of experience in organizing and training others in militant “non-violent” community protest marches, rally’s, boycotts, demonstrations and Anti-Police Terror tactics […]

Angola 3: Robert King on the ongoing struggle to free Albert Woodfox

by Ann Garrison KPFA Weekend News broadcast Nov. 23, 2014 Robert King, a member of the Angola 3 who was freed in 2001, spoke to KPFA about a federal court’s decision to overturn the murder conviction of Albert Woodfox. Woodfox has spent over 42 years in solitary confinement in the Louisiana state prison system. http://sfbayview.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ROBERT-KING-ON-AlBERTWOODFOX.mp3 […]

Join Uz In Philly On Tuez Dec.9, Mumia’z 33rd Anniversary Of Incarceration

Tuesday, December 9: 33 years since the day Mumia came close to dying from brutal police beatings, as he was arrested and charged for a crime he did not commit, but for which he has been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated through a police-led conspiracy!   DECEMBER 9, 2014, IS COMING UP VERY SOON! PLEASE PLAN […]

Bay Area Rap Icon Paris Issuez Blistering Indictment of Police Brutality on New Video

San Francisco, CA – Bay Area-based political rapper Paris is taking the offensive against police brutality and what he calls the “increasing acceptance of black death” with the first single and video from his forthcoming album, Pistol Politics. The single, “Night of the Long Knives,” is his opening salvo and entry into the ongoing culture […]

‘Wounded Knee: A Line in the Sand’: Documentary to Show Never Seen Footage

Reporter Kevin McKiernan is pictured with Tom Bad Cob and Oscar Bear Runner during the 1973 occupation. Alysa Landry 11/24/14 Four decades ago, Kevin McKiernan made a decision that would change the course of his life. Then in his late 20s, McKiernan was a cub reporter who had never seen combat, witnessed fatal gunfire or […]