Exclusive: Inmatez to strike in Alabama, declare prison iz “running a slave empire”

Breaking: Reached in his cell, Free Alabama Movement leader tells Salon inmates will refuse work to end free labor Josh Eidelson Melvin Ray (Credit: Free Alabama Movement) Inmates at an Alabama prison plan to stage a work stoppage this weekend and hope to spur an escalating strike wave, a leader of the effort told Salon […]

On Thiz Day in Black History (our story)

Pigmeat Markham Date: Mon, 1904-04-18 On this date we mark the birth of Pigmeat Markham in 1904. He was an African American comedian. From Durham, North Carolina, Dewey Pigmeat Markham began his long career in 1917, dancing in traveling shows. He traveled the southern ‘race’ circuit with blues singer Bessie Smith and later appeared on […]

How ’420′ Became the Big Day for Weed Smokerz Across Amerika

Huffington Post / By Ryan Grim The little known origins of the 4-20 holiday   This story originally ran on huffingtonpost.com and has been reprinted with permission by the author, Ryan Grim. He is the author of This Is Your Country On Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America. Warren Haynes, the Allman Brothers Band guitarist, routinely plays with […]

42 Yearz of Solitary 42 Yearz of Innocence

A billboard campaign to mark the 42-year commemoration launched in New Orleans today. As we mark the 42nd year since the tragic and as yet, unsolved murder of Angola correctional officer Brent Miller, and the 42nd year since Albert Woodfox was first put in solitary for a crime he didn’t commit, we are confident that […]

On Thiz Day In Black History (our story)

sat, 1824-04-17 *On this date in 1824, Costa Rica abolished slavery. The first Blacks that arrived to Costa Rica came with the Spanish conquistadors. Slave trade was common in all the countries conquered by Spain, and in Costa Rica the first blacks seem to have come from specific sources in Africa- Equatorial and Western regions. […]

Learning from an Unimportant Minority: Race politicz beyond the official white/black paradigm, with J. Sakai

  Monday, May 26 at 6:30pm in EDT Race is all around us, as one of the main structures of capitalist society. Yet, how we talk about it and even how we think about it is tightly policed. Everything about race is artificially distorted as a White/Black paradigm. Instead, we need to understand the imposed […]

Move Political Prisoner Debbie Africa’z Upcoming Parole Hearing

Ona Move Everybody! We just wanted to inform people that sometime in May Debbie (Sims) Africa will be going before The Pa Parole Board for what will be her now 7th parole hearing since 2008 . We are putting together a parole sample sheet and are asking that people sign it or write their own […]

On Thiz Day In Black History (our story)

Tue, 1963-04-16 On this date in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was jailed in Birmingham, Alabama. While incarcerated there, he wrote, smuggled out of jail, and had printed his “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” a moving justification for the moral necessity of non-violent resistance to unjust laws. Reference: The Associated Press permissions 450 W. 33rd […]

On Thiz Day In Black History (our story)

Bessie Smith, “Blues Empress”   This date marks the birthday of Bessie Smith in 1894. She was an African American woman entertainer who danced, acted and performed comedy. Bessie Smith earned the title of “Empress of the Blues” by virtue of her forceful vocal delivery and command of the genre. She was the highest-paid Black […]