4th World Radyo: AmerIndianz And Afrikanz Navigating The Orwellian Zone (09.05.2014)

Summary: TheAngryindian discusses the strange, wavering and ultimately hypocritical intellectual morass that is modern popular culture and the impact it has on the Indigenous and African communities of North America. Extra: a recent conversation with Bob Kincaid of Head-on-Radio (The Horn) broadcasting from the Scots-Irish environs of Appalachia and new (Strong) protest music from African […]

The Mismeasurez of Radical Afrocentrism: Indigenist Thoughtz on African Fascism and the Failure of Master Race Narratives

by aboriginalpress   (Read the complete original text — with notes — in PDF form, here) — By Abiyomi Kofi – aka – TheAngryindian Mr. James’ work was objective in its deconstruction of African and Afro-Diasporic sociopolitical issues and causes. And his scientific, socialist rejection of blanket, anti-White racial biases and the spreading of pseudo-history […]

4th World Radyo: Considering the State of the Modern World 05.05.2014

Summary : TheAngryindian returns with Guadalupe Morales to the 4th World Radyo studios after an unexpected but not eventful hiatus to comment on the de-evolution of modern socio-political affairs in day-to-day North American life. Additional commentary by Australian journalist John Pilger on the sad failure of mainstream corporate media and the professional journalists who report […]

Fourth World Radyo: Identifying Black Anti-Intellectualism From Afrocentric Paranoia

Summary:  TheAngryindian takes a hard look at the troubling subject of African anti-intellectualism and social paranoia and its effects upon liberation scholarship, community organising and education. Listen / Download: 01:59:59  128Kbps mp3 (78MB) Stereo – Notes: Recorded in Occupied North America. Related articles Fourth World Radyo: African Genocide and Fanonian Dialectics (09.22.2013) (aboriginalwriter.wordpress.com) Fourth World Radyo: […]

Fourth World Radyo: Thankz-Taking and the Progressive Stupidity of the Political Left

Summary:  TheAngryindian takes a look at the US Thanksgiving holiday of colonial glory over Indigenous Americans and how corporate mainstream media and right-wing paid, political pundits use pop-propaganda to dismiss logical arguments again the traditional sociopolitical marginalisation of US minorities. Listen/Download: 02:20:00  128Kbps mp3 (89MB) Stereo Recorded in Occupied North America. — [*Drop us a line […]

Fourth World Radyo: African Genocide and Christian/GOP Misogyny

Summary: TheAngryindian speaks on the strange phenomenon of civilised Black people knocking on the doors of uncivil White folks and ending up dead only because they asked for help. This is the year 2013 CE and under the reign of a a Black US president African lives mean less than they did during Reconstruction at home and […]

Fourth World Radyo: Not So Nice Occupied Canada – Genocide Incorporated

by aboriginalpress Summary : 4th World Radyo looks at the #Elsipogtog Crisis through the First Nation’s documentary – ‘Not So Gentle Neighbour‘. Listen / Download : 00:34:36 128Kbps mp3 — (18MB) Stereo – Was the fix in for Mi’kmaq Warriors at Elsipogtog?: Signs point to some having prior knowledge October 17th was ‘take down’ day | The […]

Fourth World Radyo: The Problem of White Allies (10.10.2013)

Summary: TheAngryindian examines the troubling problem of ‘White Allies’ and the hypocrisy of pretend partnerships with at-risk communities living under White racist extremist violence, state-sponsored police brutality and the constant threat of genocide as it is defined under established international law. This broadcast includes archival audio of an international conference on the morality of revolutionary […]

Fourth World Radyo: War Profits and Passive Proletarian Punditry 08.30.2013 | APNS Public Radyo

Summary : TheAngryindian asks why the US citizen-elected ‘Left’ isn’t doing what the British Labour faction was able to achieve in the UK Parliament and why the public is allowing the Cyrus MTV grinding scandal to draw their attention away from the international conflict about to occur in Syria. ALSO: interesting commentary from Bristol Broadband […]

Fourth World Radyo: Revisionism and Resistance 08.16.2013

Summary:  TheAngryindian presents his opinions and perspectives on the current state of anti-Black, pro-assimilationist Negro produced coonery flooding the international media paradigm. The ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’ scandal is just one of many recent very public faux pas that can be directly attributed to the usually moneyed Afro-American elite. Plus: a special interview with Mike Caddell, executive producer […]