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“Torture Made Legal” (2:34)  Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Mumia’s Message for Dec. 9th Event”  (2:27) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Grand Jury Jammed” (2:11) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Beyond Rotten Apples and Broken Windows”  (2:59) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Death for a Cigarrette”  (2:23) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Jaan Laaman Holiday Message for PDC”  (2:14) Listen “Human Rights Day”  (2:14) Jaan […]

Prison Radio Kommentariez

  “Operation RestoreTrust” (3:09) Mumia Abu-Jamal listen “What has Prisoner Solidarity Meant?” (1:11) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen Prison Radio Interview w/ Keith Bomani Lamar (14:51) Listen “The Glory of Youth” (1:13) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Slaves of the State – Book Review” (3:01) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Rule of Law” (2:53) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Ferguson’s Fall Out” (2:04) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen […]

A Victory for Academic Freedom!

Oakland School Board Restores the Urban Dreams Website Komradez &Friends,    Yesterday, Oakland School Superintendent Antwan Wilson announced the reinstatement of the Urban Dreams website! No longer is this invaluable resource banned from use as classroom curriculum. This is a direct victory against the Fraternal Order of Police and their threats and intimidation.  The point of […]

Prison Radio Kommentariez

“Interview w/ Amy Goodman on Democracy Now” (13:42) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Mexico State of Corruption: State of Terror” (3:26) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “The Dallas Six”  (2:38) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Midterms in American (2:23) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Who Wins and Who Loses” (1:39) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Pennsylvania and the Constitution” (2:13) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “Fear Nation”  (3:03) Mumia Abu-Jamal […]

First Amendment Lawsuit “Abu-Jamal v. Kane” filed 11/10 in Federal Court!

Today the Abolitionist Law Center, Amistad Law Project, and the Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center are filing a historic lawsuit in Federal Court on behalf of Prison Radio, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Educators for Mumia, and other plaintiffs. We seek to overturn a new PA Law designed to allow the state to silence targeted prisoners by preventing their […]

PA Governor Signz Law to Shut Down Prison Radio & Silence Mumia!

Make no mistake the Fraternal Order of Police are seeking to strip the First Amendment rights of listeners, prisoners and journalists.   On Tuesday, Oct. 21st Pennsylvania Governor Corbett signed into law the “Revictimization Relief Act”.  This bill was hijacked, gutted and fast tracked through the legislature with the specific intent to silence prisoners and […]

Prison Radio Kommentariez

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Comment about PA State Senate Attack on his 1st Amendment Rights  (:58) Listen “A Nation in Fear”  (2:24) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “CCNY Center Shuttered:  War Against the 60’s”  (1:16) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen   “Ebola & the Real Health Crisis in America”  (3:32) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “The Troy Davis Tragedy”  (3:15) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen […]

1st Amendment Under Attack: Governor of PA Threatenz to Silence Mumia

  Mumia, Prison Radio, and the constitutional rights of all of us to Freedom of Speech are in serious jeopardy. In response to Mumia’s Commencement speech at Goddard College earlier this month, Pennsylvania legislators passed a Bill this week, the “Revictimization Relief Act, “which will allow victims, District Attorneys, and the Attorney General to sue prisoners […]

Mumia Speakz On CCNY Illegal Takeover of Harlem’z Guillermo Morales – Assata Shakur Center

Audio & Text Mumia Abu Jamal Speaks On The 1st  Anniversary Of The Illegal Police Takeover Of Harlem’s Guillermo Morales-Assata Shakur Center @ CCNY CCNY Center Shuttered: War Against 60’s (1:16) by Mumia Abu-Jamal ” We have learned recently of the closing of the Morales/Shakur Student Center at CCNY.  What does this mean? Why now?  […]