Join Ramona Africa in Philadelphia 4 The MOVE family 30 year commemoration

ONA MOVE, my friends.  As you no doubt know, May 13, 2015 marks 30 years since the unconscionable bombing and murder of my MOVE family by the US government.  We don’t intend to allow officials or anybody else to forget what happened that day or what is really behind it- our unrelenting fight for the […]


To understand this, you have to go back to what [the] young brother here referred to as the house Negro and the field Negro — back during slavery. There was two kinds of slaves. There was the house Negro and the field Negro. The house Negroes – they lived in the house with master, they […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“When you’re pushing the lie, the truth is very threatening.”            –Ramona Africa Related articles Ona Move!: A Conversation With Pam Africa and Ramona Africa An Interview with Ramona Africa Update on Phil Africa Ramona Africa and the MOVE Organization Support Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Norberto Gonzalez Claudio!

George Jackson University

  “Let Us Turn Every Prison into a University and Every Prison Cell into a Classroom for Afrocentric Study!” The National Association of Brothers and Sisters In and Out (NABSIO) is actively tapping into this enormous “mental database” and developing a two-way street of communication through letter writing and the sending of historical and cultural […]

Remember not to forget

  Stolen from our homeland in Africa. Yoruba, Zulu, Bantu, and others bound in chains – labeled “chattel,” another name for human cattle.   Sold in the market places of America, to the highest bidders.   Am I supposed to forget that and ask God to bless America?   The middle passage. That ungodly voyage. […]

Afrikan Fundamentalism: I remember Marcus Garvey – died June 10, 1940, reborn August 17, 1887.

  The time has come for the Blackman to forget and cast behind him his hero worship and adoration of other races, and to start out immediately to create and emulate heroes of his own. We must canonize our own martyrs and elevate to positions of fame and honor Black men and women who have […]

Action Alert: Start Making Your Callz 4 Debbie (Sims) Afrika Now!

  Ona Move Everyone ! It has just been brought to our attention that Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307 had her parole hearing this past Monday or Tuesday. We find this to be very strange because Debbie’s hearing wasn’t set until some time in late May and without an official date as well. Debbie was only […]

Malcolm X Commemoration and Afrikan Liberation Day Celebration Part II

  This is the second of a two part series discussing the origin and development of African Liberation Day. The month of May is very important in the worldwide African Liberation Movement. During this month, throughout the African world Community, African Liberation Day (ALD) is celebrated.It is important that African Liberation Day be a vehicle […]

Garveyism and Education

  “The time has come for the Negro (African) to forget and cast behind him, his hero worship and adoration of other races and to start out immediately to create and emulate heroes of his own.” Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, 1925 African Fundamentalism The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey born August 17th 1887, Jamaica, Caribbean is […]

“Declaration of the Rightz of the Negro Peoplez of the World”: The Principlez of the Universal Negro Improvement Association

After fighting World War I, ostensibly to defend democracy and the right of self-determination, thousands of African-American soldiers returned home to face intensified discrimination, segregation, and racial violence. Drawing on this frustration, Marcus Garvey attracted thousands of disillusioned black working-class and lower middle-class followers to his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). The UNIA, committed to […]