Twenty-two Black Pantherz targeted in ATF bomb conspiracy case

  Twenty-two Black Panthers in three Midwestern states, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri, were the targets of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division for an alleged 1970 bombing conspiracy. The conspiracy investigation of the so-called Midwest 22, previously unreported, has been a carefully kept secret until the disclosure of an ATF case progress closure report to […]

Political Prisonerz Sekou Odinga and Abdul Majid case updatez

  Political Prisoners Sekou Odinga and Abdul Majid case updates Posted: 31 Mar 2014 11:48 AM PDT Download Podcast Discussion with political prisoner activist Dequi Kioni-sadiki about the cases of Abdul Majid and her husband Sekou Odinga. This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now Related articles Sekou Odinga and Dequi Kioni-Sadiki: Marriage in […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “August is a month of meaning, of repression and radical resistance, of injustice and divine justice, of repression and righteous rebellion, of individual and collective efforts to free the slaves and break the chains that bind us.” – Mumia Abu-Jamal     Related articles Mumia Abu Jamal Malcolm X Grassroots Movement: Black August Resistance […]

Stokley Carmichael was Right White Amerika haz No Conscience

In the early 1980s as a 2-term elected student president of my university’s Black Student Union, during Black History month every year, and in an effort to assist the by-then struggling “Black Struggle,” we invited “controversial” speakers to our rural Northern Colorado campus to enlighten our collegiate classmates, most of whom were certain we’d done “overcome,” and […]

Book Excerpt: Stokely Carmichael’z Roots in the Black Pantherz

  In a new biography, we learn about Carmichael’s embrace of militant nonviolence and his shock over losing a friend to the turmoil of the South. By: Peniel E. Joseph Stokely Carmichael Editor’s note: Stokely Carmichael’s activism helped found the Black Panther Party, and his work on voter registration transformed the South and allied him […]

Black Panther Cop Killer Who Called 9/11 “Blowback” Seekz Parole

  by Daniel Greenfield And if the parole doesn’t come through, Eric Holder will find a way to get them a presidential pardon. Herman Bell and Anthony Bottom (aka Jalil Muntaqim), Black Liberation Army activists, finally admitted to the 1971 killing of two NYPD officers in hopes of parole, NOT remorse! Their membership in the […]

The Black Panther Party Revisited

The following was written by North American Executive Board member Barbara Sostaita.  I have previously written about the lack of diversity within the libertarian movement. Libertarianism as a boy’s club for white middle-class to upper-class men is the number one thing holding us back from capturing the hearts and minds of our communities. So, in […]

(Our Story): Black history of 504 sit-in for disability rightz: More than serving food – when will the healing begin?

by Leroy Moore Since I arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1991, I’ve listened and read many stories about the disability rights movement and the 1977 historic sit-in at the Federal Building in San Francisco to get the government to pass strong regulations to implement Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act when I […]

Assata Shakur iz Welcome Here: Bringing Political Prisonerz Back Into the Fold By Meron Wondwosen Every generation honors its live conformists and its dead trouble makers—Mignon McLaughlin It was November 5th 2005 and my first cousin was charged with treason by the Ethiopian government—a crime punishable by death or life imprisonment. Daniel and I share the same family features—same forehead. We have the same large eyes. […]