Interview with Huey P. Newton (1968)

  THE MOVEMENT: The question of nationalism is a vital one in the black movement today. Some have made a distinction between cultural nationalism and revolutionary nationalism. Would you comment on the differences and give us your views? HUEY P. NEWTON: There are two kinds of nationalism, revolutionary nationalism and reactionary nationalism. Revolutionary nationalism is […]

The Secret History of Gunz

      The Ku Klux Klan, Ronald Reagan, and, for most of its history, the NRA all worked to control guns. The Founding Fathers? They required gun ownership—and regulated it. And no group has more fiercely advocated the right to bear loaded weapons in public than the Black Panthers—the true pioneers of the modern […]

Mumia Abu Jamal: When Children Are the Enemy

    Listen to this segment with Mumia Abu Jamal Political Prisoner and award winning journalist Mumia Abu Jamal filed this commentary about Central American child migration. Visit to listen to all of Abu Jamal’s kommentariez. Related articles Prison Radio Kommentariez Prison Radio Commentariez Prison Radio Kommentariez “Celebration and Resistance” by Mumia Abu-Jamal

New book tellz tale of Pantherz in L.A.

By Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Where’s the story? It was just a few hours before dawn one winter day when 300 members of the LAPD’s Special Weapons and Tactics unit (SWAT) had their first ever encounter: a clash with 13 members of the Southern California Chapter of the Black Panther Party. At the end of the five-hour […]

Black particularity reconsidered

  by Adolph L. Reed Jr. An in-depth 1970s analysis of how the management of black dissent by the black American middle-class/professional elite helped restructure capitalism to its own advantage. “Black Power presupposed a mass-organizational model built on the assumption of a homogeneity of black political interests to be dealt with through community leadership. It […]

Gunz made civil rightz possible: Breaking down the myth of nonviolent change

  A crucial part of the struggle’s been forgotten: how armed self-defense protected activists from white supremacists Charles E. Cobb Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaks at a Selma, Ala., church in January 1965. (Credit: AP) Excerpted from “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible” We who believe […]

Raleigh House iz Midwest 22 mystery man in ATF bomb conspiracy case

    The planned prosecution of twenty-two Black Panthers and activists by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division included one man with a mystery role, Raleigh House. The planned prosecution of the Midwest 22 was revealed April 7, 2014, by the disclosure of an old ATF case progress note to the Justice Department closing the […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “Fear is our greatest hindrance.Fear and half measures. They can isolate me, but they cannot isolate an ideal” —Kevin Rashid Johnson Related articles Revolutionary Womyn Message of Thanks from Kevin Rashid Johnson EMERGENCY: Fight to save the life of Kevin Rashid Johnson (Update) Kevin “Rashid” Johnson has been transferred again. Obama’s Lies and Kevin […]

Effortz to Extradite Black Panther Leader Intensify

From New Frank Talk: Former political prisoner and member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, Assata Shakur is still being aggressively perused by her former captors, over three decades after her escape from prison. In their newest attempt to imprison Assata Shakur, New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram and State Police Superintendent […]

Revolutionary Womyn

  Every Afrikan womyn who haz won tha love of her people 4 standing relentlessly 4 their freedom against a racist oppressive system haz been labeled by that system an outlaw and terrorist. Kevin “Rashid” Johnson Related articles Do Womyn Deserve Liberation? Imperialism and the Integration of Oppressed Nations: Some Comments Kevin “Rashid” Johnson & […]