Key Idea’z to be Remembered

  At this current stage of history in the African (Black) Liberation Movement, it is important that key concepts be revisited and re – discussed in our continued efforts to seek clarity on certain ideas that are fundamental to the white supremacy foundation of America. First, there is the idea and concept of the “Maafa.” When […]

Have you given up the vision and desire

  Have you given up the vision and desire to see you, your family, and people living under our own Government Structure? Our Ancestors never gave up this vision. They created the UNIA-ACL Global Government on August 31st, 1920, for all Africans at home & abroad. We are in the 10th Administration of our Government […]

Lynch Law: The Root of US imperialism

    by Danny Haiphong Domestic U.S. lynch has morphed into imperialist terrorism. “Washington uses a nexus of intelligence and military institutions to lynch the world’s people of their lives and resources.”   Lynch Law: The Root of US imperialism by Danny Haiphong “The prospect of being lynched by Obama’s ‘kill list’ or detained under […]


  THE STATE OF THE RACE BY DR. KHALID We have become intoxicated with the European’s filth, immorality and indecency. Some of you say it’s not them it’s the system; you sound like a fool!  that’s like saying it’s the spider web it’s not the spider and you work to tare down the spider web […]

Reinstate Dr Anthony Monteiro And Reclaim Our Spirit of Resistance

  by Lemah R. Bonnick   The American Studies project cannot “continue without an energetic scholarship that aims to inform a commitment to social justice,” says the author, a Black educator teaching in London. Dr. Anthony Monteiro’s battle for truth in Black scholarship reminds us that every generation must “build upon the magnificent legacy of […]

Black Pantherz Speak Out About Police Brutality & Criminal Injustice

source: I came across the Black Panther Party’s 10 Point Plan again last week in the course of doing some research on a different topic.  I stopped to re-read the points and I was struck by two things. The first is that the plan is as relevant today as when it was unveiled in […]

Thiz Coming Thursday! Lessonz of Sharpville Program

As we fight to keep Black people on the agenda in the 21st century, we must learn from the lessons of our battles in the 20th. The Sharpeville Massacre was a crucial event in the struggle against South African apartheid. But it also played an important role in helping Black folks in the USA understand the connection between […]

‘Ujamaa Village,’ an old idea revisited: Black townz

  by Menhuam Ayele (Michael Morse) 1863-1865 is a very significant period in American history for a number of reasons. Beyond the pivotal importance of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Reconstruction era, this period marks the first time Black people could choose to stay in the land of their bondage or choose to leave voluntarily […]