HANDBOOK OF REVOLUTIONARY WARFARE A Guide to the Armed Phase of the African Revolution By Kwame Nkrumah “Taking up arms for the freedom and the political unification of Africa is the final crystallisation of serious study of the oppressed and oppressor.” Dedicated To the African guerrilla   AUTHOR’S NOTE This book has […]

The Pantherz, the Black Liberation Army and the struggle to free all political prisonerz and prisonerz of war

  A transcript of a talk given by Ashanti Alsto at the Law and Disorder conference, held in Portland, Oregon from April 14 – 16, 2010. I want to get started off in a way that helps me get rid of the butterflies, and helps get us stirred as well. You know we always say, […]

Stokley Carmichael was Right White Amerika haz No Conscience

In the early 1980s as a 2-term elected student president of my university’s Black Student Union, during Black History month every year, and in an effort to assist the by-then struggling “Black Struggle,” we invited “controversial” speakers to our rural Northern Colorado campus to enlighten our collegiate classmates, most of whom were certain we’d done “overcome,” and […]

Looking at the life of freedom fighter Obi Egbuna Sr

  by The People’s Minister of Information JR Studying the revolutionary politics of the African world has been hard for me, because of the many revolutionary cliques that are at odds with each other in our international movement. The reality is that no matter the ideology, we must be as objective as possible about our […]

Rest In Power Dr. Min.. Khalid Abdul Muhammad

A very important lecture from the Black Power General during a  seriously trying time in his life. He had been suspended for a period of time from his post as National Assistant and National Spokesman and he had not heard anything after waiting and trying to get and offical response on his status and recieving […]

The Black Panther Party Revisited

The following was written by North American Executive Board member Barbara Sostaita.  I have previously written about the lack of diversity within the libertarian movement. Libertarianism as a boy’s club for white middle-class to upper-class men is the number one thing holding us back from capturing the hearts and minds of our communities. So, in […]

Listen to Komrade Hugo Pinell’z 1981 Prison Statement

 49 years in prison – 43 years in solitary – after 23 years in Pelican Bay SHU now in New Folsom It is time to release Hugo Pinell! Greetings All: Here’s an archived tape sent from BJ (Billy Jennings) and available on the Panther Archive site:  www.itsabouttimebpp.com.  It’s a 1981 speech by Yogi who was […]

Re-imagining Black Power

By Nyle Fort   If Black Power were a play who would be its main characters? What would be its major themes? And what scenes would develop its drama? For most of my life when I thought of Black Power a flood of images came to mind: Stokley, Huey, George Jackson, Amiri Baraka, Attica, Watts, and […]

Book Review: The Black Pantherz: Revolutionariez, Not Thugz

by Michael K. Smith / January 1st, 2014 Given academia’s almost total failure to treat the theme of exploitation and injustice, one could be forgiven for despairing of ever encountering penetrating political commentary in American universities. Happily, however, there are occasional exceptions to this dismal and habitual avoidance, such as Joshua Bloom and Waldo E. […]