Death, US Capitalism, and Huey Newton’z Theory of Suicide

by Danny Haiphong Class and race oppression brings death by many means. “The person or movement partaking in revolutionary suicide has chosen to confront death by fighting for liberation.”   Death, US Capitalism, and Huey Newton’s Theory of Suicide by Danny Haiphong “Newton produced a theory of suicide that redefined the experience of death for […]

Lynch Law: The Root of US imperialism

    by Danny Haiphong Domestic U.S. lynch has morphed into imperialist terrorism. “Washington uses a nexus of intelligence and military institutions to lynch the world’s people of their lives and resources.”   Lynch Law: The Root of US imperialism by Danny Haiphong “The prospect of being lynched by Obama’s ‘kill list’ or detained under […]

Reinstate Dr Anthony Monteiro And Reclaim Our Spirit of Resistance

  by Lemah R. Bonnick   The American Studies project cannot “continue without an energetic scholarship that aims to inform a commitment to social justice,” says the author, a Black educator teaching in London. Dr. Anthony Monteiro’s battle for truth in Black scholarship reminds us that every generation must “build upon the magnificent legacy of […]

Stokley Carmichael was Right White Amerika haz No Conscience

In the early 1980s as a 2-term elected student president of my university’s Black Student Union, during Black History month every year, and in an effort to assist the by-then struggling “Black Struggle,” we invited “controversial” speakers to our rural Northern Colorado campus to enlighten our collegiate classmates, most of whom were certain we’d done “overcome,” and […]

THE ONEZ WHO FIGHT BLK | Web 3.0 has uploaded RBG| COMPLETION, Freedom’z Journal-FULL ALBUM

RBG| COMPLETION, Freedom’s Journal-FULL ALBUM THE ONEZ WHO FIGHT BLK | Web 3.0 About FREEDOM’S JOURNAL: “Freedom’s Journal” which was established in NY by Samuel E. Cornish & John B. Russwurm in 1827-1829. The name of this collective is “COMPLETION” which is a Hip-Hop group that consist of two members, Trance The MC & Mr. […]

March Madnezz

                 It’s that time of year again when college basketball fans begin the obsession known as March Madness. African American players dominate the landscape but that wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t too long ago when Black players were sparse on most teams and non-existent on others. According to ESPN’s Classic website, […]

Revolutionary Love

  by a Michigan prisoner        permalink At this time; in this place; I genuinely know why the caged bird sings other than being falsely imprisoned, he’s being called N.I.G.G.E.R. of all things… As I give perfect praise to “the most high,” I can only wonder how many more bullets have to fly? How many more […]

Georgia prisonerz on hunger strike since Feb. 9

by Tamarcus Wright On Feb. 9, 2014, prisoners in the special management unit (SMU) of the Georgia Diagnostic Correctional Prison began another hunger strike to protest conditions. This logo was designed for the Georgia prison strike in December 2010. The hunger strike is in response to abusive conditions, bugs being served in food repeatedly, sexual […]

Black History Month Event “Cornel West: The Struggle to Free Oscar Lopez”

  <!– January 15, 2014 –> When: February 24th, 2014, 6:30 – 8:30PM Where: Trinity Lutheran Church 46th and 4th Ave Following the groundbreaking ‘Common Ground and Common Hope: Black & Latino Dialogue’ in 2012 and the highly publicized and historic visit last fall to Puerto Rico, Dr. Cornel West will once again join Rev. […]

Assata Shakur Iz A Freedom Fighter, Not A Terrorist

The inclusion of Assata Shakur, a former member of the Black Liberation Army, on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Terrorists list last month marking twenty nine years since her liberation from a New Jersey maximum security prison in 1979 by members of the Black Liberation Army, while aimed at Cuba’s leadership should also be interpreted […]