Survivorz of Black Wall Street race riot still haven’t received any reparationz

by Yvette Carnell, BreakingBrown Some financial observers attribute the Black community’s economic woes to our unwillingness to financially support Black businesses. Well, back in 1921, in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, community named Black Wall Street, a dollar circulated 19 times before leaving the community. That was before a white mob destroyed the town. Given the ferocity […]

Racism in San Francisco County Jail

by D’jaun Barrow In regards to the prison censorship issue, I am just chiming in to let it be known that it isn’t a “nudity” thing (the California Department of Corrections’ new censorship regulations are disguised under the title “Obscene Material” – ed.); it’s a Black-Latino thing, period! I’m not in prison, I’m in County […]

The Ethnic Cleanzing of Amerika

by Jalil Muntqim It began over a decade ago – subtle, quiet and unnoticeable.The media played it up as the result if the drug epidemic The public accepted it with the belief they would be safer. Ten years later, the state and federal governments continue to laud its accomplishment and urge expansion of the cleansing […]

Interview with Huey P. Newton (1968)

  THE MOVEMENT: The question of nationalism is a vital one in the black movement today. Some have made a distinction between cultural nationalism and revolutionary nationalism. Would you comment on the differences and give us your views? HUEY P. NEWTON: There are two kinds of nationalism, revolutionary nationalism and reactionary nationalism. Revolutionary nationalism is […]

Chicago Illustratez And Exemplifiez The Ghettoization, Thugization and Niggerization of Black Amerika

  by Desi Cortez “. . . it’s time for Chicago to fall under Martial Law . . . curfews and roadside checkpoints – with the authority being the US Army’s historical  Buffalo Soldiers.” I never thought  the day would dawn when I’d conclude the only answer to the violence in a city like Chicago […]

On Thiz Day In Black History (our story)

  “Jumping The Broom,” a short history not a ‘Leap of Faith’ Date: Thu, 1700-07-15 “Jumping the Broom,” is celebrated on this date. This is an African American phrase and custom for marriage. The significance of the broom to African-Americans heritage and history originates in the West African country of Ghana. During the Trans-Atlantic Slave […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

  The New York Civil War Draft Riots occur Date: Mon, 1863-07-13 On this date in 1863, the New York Draft Riots occurred. This has been described as Four Days Of Terror centered on racism over the Civil War. Lincoln had freed the slaves and now he was recruiting Northern men into the army and […]

White Supremacy and the Central Park 5

  A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford Although New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has OK’d a $40 million settlement with the Central Park 5, who were wrongfully imprisoned for brutal rape, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg insists the police acted in “good faith.” “In a sane, non-racist society, the fact […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

  Blacks hanged in Duluth, Minnesota The stories image may not be suitable for young children to see. Date: Tue, 1920-06-15 On this date in 1920, three Black men were hanged in Duluth, Minnesota. One of the worst racial incidents of the last century went unresolved because lynching was not abolished until 1924. It occurred […]

The Secret Relationz Between Blackz and Mexicanz

  By Diogenes Muhammad One-Drop Classification: one people forever united against oppression Colonial Mexico had the highest numbers of African slaves. Of the over one million casualties during the Mexican war of independence, most of them were Afro-Mexicans. Mexico’s commitment to harbor Black fugitive slaves triggered the Mexican-American war; she lost nearly 50 percent […]