California moves to curb solitary confinement

by George Lavender In a forest clearing on the storm-swept Pacific coast near the California-Oregon border in the town of Crescent City, whose 7,394 inhabitants used to be lumberjacks and fishermen and now are prison guards, lies the infamous Pelican Bay State Prison, housing 2,753 amazing men the state calls the “worst of the worst” […]


    Emergency Response Network ( CORCORAN SHU ALERT Greetings, We’re calling for solidarity activists to call and email Corcoran Prison and CDCR authorities to demand the end to destructive and retaliatory cell searches. The 2013 hunger strikes are over, but the retaliation against peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights continues. For the last […]

Power Concedez Nothing: A Discussion on CDCr’z Insidiouz Regulatory Semanticz and Judicial Collusion in Maintenance of SHU Torture Unitz

     From the N.C.T.T.-COR-SHU “Revolutionary activity in every area of human existence will come about by itself when the contradictions in every new process are comprehended; it will consist of an identification with those forces that are moving in the direction of genuine progress. To be radical.. .means “getting to the root of things.” If […]

California prison system’z Security Threat Group/Step Down Program (STG/SDP) iz getting close to being implemented

    We need your help. The California prison system’s  Security Threat Group/Step Down Program (STG/SDP) is getting close to being implemented. These regulations govern placement into and release from the SHU (Secure Housing Units), California’s long-term solitary confinement cells. The STG/SDP policies will perpetuate California’s over use of torturous isolation. We are soliciting your help to weigh […]

Calling for ABOLITION of solitary confinement

by Denise Mewbourne Lucas Guilkey, who took this photo, says: “Today was a huge day for the prisoner hunger strike movement for human rights. Cars and vans of family members, youth and adult survivors of solitary torture, those with parents incarcerated and their allies descended upon Sacramento from every corner of California to speak truth […]

by Anthony Robinson Jr. “We will now criticize the unjust with the weapon.” – Comrade George Jackson Anthony Robinson Jr. I write this essay with a gripping ambivalence: Admittedly I am both haunted and inspired, desperate for solutions, yet hopeful. I am a new found political prisoner within the grips of one of CCA’s slave […]

Hunger strike representative: Resist, resist and liberate

by Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa I hear demagogues go on their vicious attacks about how violent prisoners held in solitary confinement are, yet we are actually the role model prisoners, if there is such a title. Many of us have sat in these tombstones back here under concentrated torture, while correctional officers have violated and disrespected […]

Solitary confinement, CDCR get slammed at legislative hearingz; Ammiano files bill to limit solitary to 36 monthz

by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Sacramento, Feb. 11 – Hundreds of people from across the state packed two hearing rooms of both public safety committees of the state legislature today to represent the interests of California state prisoners. Despite attempts by the California Department of Corrections to insure the public that they are acting with […]

Decadez of “good behavior” not enough for prisonerz in California’z SHU’z according to CDCR: Proposed policiez include mandatory cognitive restructuring programz

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is proposing new regulations on “Security Threat Groups” (STG) or “gangs,” which will be implemented after a regular Public Hearing, to be held on April 3rd.  The Step-Down-Program, which CDCR has been executing in a pilot program, is apparently being implemented into CDCR’s vast number of regulations. […]

So thiz iz our banned testimony- pelican bay hunger strikerz to legislatorz

For Release Tuesday, February 11, 2014 We are prisoners at Pelican Bay State Prison who have all lived for over 15 years locked 23 hours a day in  small windowless cells, without ever being able to hug or touch our families, without ever seeing birds, trees, or the outside world, with no programs or chance for […]