Kevin “Rashid” Johnson on Razor-Wire Plantationz in Texas

Razor Wire Plantations: Amerika’s Ongoing Addiction to Slavery, Cruelty and Genocide by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson Brutality by Design As was the focus of a recent article (1), the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has been recognized by the federal courts to be among Amerika’s most abusive prison systems, where a “culture of sadistic and […]

LOUISIANA INCARCERATED: How we built the world’z prison capital

Sheriffs and politicians have financial incentives to keep people locked up THE 8-PART SERIES PART 1 BEHIND BARS: After two decades of policy shifts, Louisiana locks up unprecedented numbers. A TRADE IN PRISONERS: Some rural parishes’ economies hinge on keeping their prisons full. VIDEO Richland Detention Center’s Dee Hutson: ‘It’s a career.’ GRAPHICS How Louisiana […]

Recent Indictment of Rashid, Co-Founder of FedUp! (2006)

Since last year, the Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC), and especially its highest security level prisons located in rural southwestern Virginia, have been waging a battle to whitewash abuses occurring, and to demonize prisoners housed at these remote prisons. Routine torture and abuses occur at these prisons – Red Onion and Wallens Ridge State Prisons […]

You got to surrenda?

by Antoine Gentle Assembly Bill 109 Was for prison re-alignment But it should have been To end solitary confinement State paying on consignment To house us in the SHU Where the conditions are sick So we expose the truth We’re despised for advocating To publications like the Bay View Now my 602s Are trashed and […]

A circus of injustice: Wrongful convictionz are not equal

by Roderick O. Williams Too often people wrongly convicted are thought to simply be suffering from the prison sentence itself. Well, I am a father; my son Marqesye had straight A pluses in 2005, when I was free. I was arrested on Dec. 15, 2005, by a corrupt DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent who had […]

Everett Allen, MD, discredited for being sympathetic to prisoners’ medical needs

by Pablo Pina I just read the article that Dr. Everett D. Allen, former chief physician and surgeon at Pelican Bay State Prison, wrote for the Bay View readers in and outside prison walls and agree with everything he said. As a lot of us back here know, these folks got him out of here […]

Prison Guards Face Civil Suit in Attack on Virginia Prisoner Frank “Outlaw” Reid

  “We will have to earn, if not demand, respect for our rights through sacrifice and struggle just like the masses of other politically, socially and economically marginalized people on this planet. And that’s where out best chances for justice lie—in struggle, not in a civil lawsuit.” –Frank “Outlaw” Reid Friends, Comrades and Allies, Frank […]

Death Penalty Not Needed to Prevent Prison Murder

Death Penalty Not Needed to Prevent Prison Murder  source: Multiple studies that have been completed since capital punishment was reinstated show that prisoners sentenced to life without parole do not pose any more threat to other prisoners or corrections personnel than do inmates in the general population, and in most cases “lifers” perpetrate fewer […]

Komrade Hugo Pinell Parole Board Hearing to be Continued

Greetings All: Keith Wattley and Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell appeared before the Parole Board at Pelican Bay yesterday, October 22. Due to confusion over Yogi’s cases, the Board members and representative from the Marin D.A.’s office decided on a continuance to further study Hugo’s case history until further notice.  Whew!!  We can exhale; at least he […]