Profiting Off Misery

by Llewellyn Hinkes-Jones Private prisons today are nothing more than a return to the monstrous rackets of the past. In an era of budget shortfalls and market-based solutions, the American penal system is quickly becoming a for-profit enterprise. Private prisons, once an isolated and temporary solution meant to house low-level inmates, incarcerate eighteen times more people than they […]

At Sista’z Place, Troy Williamz findz the liberty and justice he waz denied for 27.5 yearz in prison

  by Tina Sampay This is a story about music, radio and the connection to the human spirit. The date is Jan. 10, 1992, and Troy Williams and his cellmate at Pelican Bay Prison are using wire obtained by a maintenance employee to make an antenna for a radio. Antennas were removed from all radios […]

Child sentenced to 227 years – iz it justice?

  by Orlando O. Fields A child who kills vs. a child who was present but did not kill – what sentence does he deserve? A child of color vs. a Caucasian child – does the system treat them the same? How about the youthful offender vs. the adult offender? From my reading, I’ve seen […]

Pelican Bay update: What change?

  by Mutope Duguma Our Five Core Demands of the hunger strikes have not been met. And we see that reform always equals revisionism, which means it’s no change. Reform is a word that provides one, or a people, temporary fixes. It does not change their circumstances, but instead gives an impression that they have […]

Hunger Strikerz at Menard Correctional Facility Face Retaliation, Ask 4 Support

  Between April 2nd–16th every prisoner was stripped naked.  These men were subjected to sexual assault, beatings and stress-position.  Large numbers of men were handcuffed so thightly they lost circulation, and they were handcuffed to another prisoner with their hands touching each others’ buttocks.  Their legal papers were destroyed.  Pen and papers were taken. … […]

Judge: Using Pepper Spray on Mentally Ill Inmatez ‘Horrific

  By Don Thompson, Associated Press   A federal judge ruled Thursday that California’s treatment of mentally ill inmates violates constitutional safeguards against cruel and unusual punishment through excessive use of pepper spray and isolation. U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Karlton in Sacramento gave the corrections department time to issue updated policies on the use […]

Petition for Black Victimz’ Restitution

by Dr. Donald R. Evans and Abdul Olugbala Shakur The New Afrikan Prison Rights Movement is presently promoting the concept of a Black Community Victims Foundation. The BCVF will be responsible: To provide restitution and compensation to those Black families and/or individuals who have been victimized by gang violence and/or other criminal acts perpetrated by […]

Decriminalizing Small Quantitiez of Marijuana

    by Seema Sadanandan In the nation’s capital, police are now forbidden to cite the smell of marijuana has the basis for a search. “It is the first decriminalization bill in the country to prohibit police from stopping, questioning, and searching people based on the alleged smell of marijuana alone.”   Decriminalizing Small Quantities […]

No Obligation Found in New Law to Revamp Parole Procedurez

John Caher, New York Law Journal     ALBANY – An upstate appellate panel held Thursday that the Board of Parole has no obligation to spell out its procedures or provide more than a cursory explanation for its decisions to deny an inmate release.   The ruling dashed the hopes of inmates and activists, who […]

End the Prison-Industrial Complex

               There are plenty of legitimate reasons to send someone to prison — deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation and so on — but profit is not among them. Unfortunately, it is an obscenely large reason that American prisons today house more inmates than any other country on this planet. If that doesn’t trouble you, it should. […]