Women Outlawz: Politriks of Gender and Resistance in the US Criminal Justice System

Women Outlaws: Politics of Gender and Resistance in the US Criminal Justice System   Mechthild Nagel, SUNY Cortland; nagelm@cortland.edu   Prisons have always served the role of social control (Kurshan 1996). Nobody has more acutely experience and theorized imprisonment as such as political prisoners. This category includes people convicted due to their resistance to state […]

Ken Bridges: A Great, Unsung Black Ancestor

“Ken Bridges was as deep thinker, a brilliant organizer who had committed  his life to the liberation of Black people.” On Friday, October 11, 2002, the leaders of the National Black United Front, from around the country, began arriving in Kansas City, Missouri for our Fall Central Committee Meeting. The meeting was scheduled to begin […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “My journey through this life has been and continues to be a mystery. I remain eager to understand it. As a human being, my fundamental goal is simply to be free to walk in the sunshine without man’s ugly bars of oppression hindering my movement. I’m talking about freedom in the purest sense: To […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “I believe that there will be ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation. I believe that there will be that […]

Black Pantherz Speak Out About Police Brutality & Criminal Injustice

source: http://www.usprisonculture.com/blog/2011/04/05/black-panthers-speak-out-about-police-brutality-criminal-injustice/ I came across the Black Panther Party’s 10 Point Plan again last week in the course of doing some research on a different topic.  I stopped to re-read the points and I was struck by two things. The first is that the plan is as relevant today as when it was unveiled in […]

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee: Handwritten Statement from Leonard Peltier and a word from the committee. February 16,2014

  Greetings, The times they are a changing, indeed. Much has happened in the last few months in regards to the fight for Leonard’s Freedom.  We, as the new committee, wanted to send out a letter to all of you to give you an upda…te and also to pass along a note that Leonard wanted […]

Scientistz call solitary confinement ‘damaging and unnecessary’

By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News, Chicago Robert King now campaigns against the use of isolation practices “To this day, I find it difficult to associate myself with my surroundings. My terrain, my geography is way off,” says Robert King. “It is off to the point where I get lost even when I am […]