Administrative Detainees To Launch Hunger Strike April 24

by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies [Thursday, April 17, 2014] Palestinian detainees, held by Israeli under arbitrary Administrative Detention order, without charges or trial, said they intend to launch an open-ended hunger strike, starting next Thursday, April 24. Image – Radio Bethlehem 2000 The 186 detainees issued a statement that was published by the […]

Menard hunger strikerz still fighting to be treated like human beingz

  by Jesus Vega I am currently incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Illinois and housed in the high security unit in administrative detention. I was one of the inmates who was on hunger strike over harsh living conditions and denial of our due process, which is still going on. Inside Menard Correctional Center, Illinois’ […]

Retaliation and Civil Rightz Violations Pile Up at the NWDC in Tacoma

  Remaining original hunger striker breaks fast and placed in retaliatory solitary confinement. Former isolated hunger striker “convicted” in a Kafkaesque hearing;  the twenty men placed in solitary confinement for hunger strike grows. Despite retaliation, peaceful protest continues.   Tacoma, WA – Jesus Gaspar Navarro ended his 25-day hunger strike Tuesday morning with a full […]

Second Wave of Hunger Strikerz Begin at Northwest Detention Center

  Tacoma WA – Immigrants held at the Northwest Detention Center are once again adding their voices to the mounting outcry for President Obama to stop deportations. Seeing little change in their conditions following the hunger strike that began on March 7th, about 70 people rejoined the hunger strike on Monday, March 24th. Hearing of […]

What’z the Difference Between Force Feeding and Waterboarding?

03/24/2014   Guantánamo Hunger Strike By Zak Newman, Washington Legislative Office, ACLU at 10:02am The Department of Defense this month publicly released its newest rationalization for the abusive force-feeding program at Guantánamo Bay. In this latest memo on hunger strike policies, the abusive force-feeding program is referred to as “medical intervention.” Nothing could be further […]

Hunger Strikerz in Tacoma Detention Center Ask 4 our help

  HSS emergency alerts thus far have focused on the situation in the SHUs in CA, and will continue to do so.  At this time, however, we’d like to call on you to support the people on hunger strike in the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA, who are striking not only to protest mass […]

Immigrant detaineez on hunger strike allege threatz by guardz Strikers in two centers owned by the same company allege mistreatment, call for an end to deportations   by Renee Lewis   Demonstrators opposing the deportation of undocumented immigrants hold up signs while chanting in English and Spanish outside of the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Wash., on March 11, 2014. Thomas Soerenes/AP Hunger-strikers […]

NW Hunger Strike: Strike leader speakz publicly for first time; strike leaderz communicate encouragement to those on hunger strike in Texaz

Contact: Jolinda Stephens 614-915-4079 Contact: Jessica Ramirez  (206) 617-5898 NW Hunger Strike: Strike leader speaks publicly for first time; strike leaders communicate encouragement to those on hunger strike in Texas Tacoma, WA – Jose Moreno, newly released hunger strike leader, spoke publicly about conditions inside the Northwest Detention Center and the reasons for the hunger strike. […]

The Irish Hunger Striker Who Ignited a Generation The Irish Hunger Striker Who Ignited a Generation by DENNIS O’HEARN I attended a birthday party last week. It was in Ohio State Penitentiary, on the 60th birthday of Bobby Sands, the Irish political prisoner who died after 66 days on hunger strike back in 1981. He was 27 then and he was followed […]

BREAKING: Hunger Strikez Spread to Texaz Detention Center

Systemic Abuse by GEO Group and ICE Exposed in Multi-State Effort by Detainees in Private Facilities Tacoma, WA, Conroe, TX – After a massive hunger strike inside the Tacoma Detention Center reached its 11th day, detainees found their effort spreading to other facilities inspired by their demands. Last night at midnight, immigrants held at the […]