July message from Komrade Leonard Peltier

  Greetings my Friends, Relatives and Supporters: I was thinking the other day about Independence and the idea of an “Independence day”.   Our people never knew the word “independence”, we were just naturally independent. We were not reliant on anything but ourselves, our land, and the Creator.  Now it seems we have become dependent […]

Leonard Peltier, my cellmate: Simple man with a big vision

  by Anthony Eagle I would like to take this opportunity to give you positive praise. Your newspaper is absolutely wonderful. It shows the reality of society inside prison walls and also society outside these prison walls. I am currently being housed in federal prison, United States Penitentiary, or USP, Coleman 1 in Coleman, Florida. […]

Leonard Peltier after 39 yeazs in prison: Live to make our children proud

  by Leonard Peltier This statement was written for an event on June 26, 2014, marking 39 years of incarceration. Greetings, my relatives, friends and supporters. As I have said so many times in the past, I am deeply and truly honored that you remember me on this day and I am honored to have […]

Message from Leonard Peltier – Today markz 39 Yearz

  Friend – Greetings my Relatives, Friends and Supporters As I have said so many times in the past I am deeply and truly honored that you remember me on this day and I am honored to have my words read to you today.  I think this commemoration day should be about the lives of […]

14,000 Dayz in the Life of Leonard Peltier

  14,000 DAYS   What have YOU been doing for the past 14,000 days?     June 6, 2014, is a milestone in Leonard Peltier‘s life.   Why? The date marks 14,000 days of imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit.   Even by the government’s own definition, Leonard Peltier has already been imprisoned for […]


  My visit with Jalil Muntaqim in Attica http://www.kathleenkern.net/2014/04/ Attica prisoner from COINTELPRO era to face eighth parole hearing in June The release of Betty Medsger’s book The Burglary this winter once again drew attention to the conspiracies of COINTELPRO, a program devised by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI that sought to discredit and destabilize minority […]

Let’z Get Free: Nationwide Call for a Huge Nov. 2, 2014 Rally!

  by 4struggle 4strugglemag and everyone connected with it, supports and joins with the Jericho Movement’s call for a major nationwide gathering, march and rally, at the United Nations in New York City, this year, on Sunday, November 2, 2014. This march and rally will call for rescinding the 2 million dollar bounty on the […]

Lenny Foster on Native Amerikan Issuez and Leonard Peltier

  Friday, May 16, 2014 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Casa de las Américas 182 E. 111th St. (btwn. Lex. Ave. & 3rd Ave.) Reception from 6:00 to 7 p.m. Dinner Will Be Served Opening Flute by Frank Menusan Lenny Foster of the Diné Nation is the Director of the Navajo Nation Corrections Project and […]

Leonard Peltier and Me

  by Mike Palecek My family is from South Dakota. My mother and father grew up in Winner, South Dakota, home of Frank Leahy, the famous Notre Dame coach. They moved to Nebraska later. That’s where I was born. But Nebraska is not that far from South Dakota. I remember an uncle from Winner visiting […]

Robert Redford renewz fight to release jailed AIM activist Leonard Peltier

  Tells Sunday Edition host Michael Enright he is pushing for a pardon from Obama By Michael Enright, CBC News Posted: Apr 06, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 06, 2014 5:18 AM ET http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/robert-redford-renews-fight-to-release-jailed-aim-activist-leonard-peltier-1.2598981 On June 26, 1975, two FBI agents drove onto the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Jack Coler and […]