Please Reshare  Everywhere PantherShepGroup #4 ON: TODAY’S GRAND OPENING OF THE  SO CALLED… NATIONAL CENTER FOR CIVIL & HUMAN RIGHTS IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA The Much Publicized Grand Opening Today Of This Museum Should Be Considered A Disrespectful Insult To All Black/New Afrikan & So Called African American People Inside The United States in general and […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “The ends you serve that are selfish will take you no further than yourself but the ends you serve that are for all, in common, will take you into eternity.” — Marcus Garvey Related articles Toronto Organizes Into High Gear for the African Community! A Hundred Years of Marcus Garvey Marcus Garvey, the Afrikan […]


   By Carlos A. Cooks The time is at hand when the Black man must pause and take serious note of the rapid current of world events. Life for the People of African stock, has been for the past three centuries, a relentless struggle for survival. Not so much against the forces of nature, Nay! […]

Leonard P. Howell: Godfather of tha Rastafarian Movement

  RECLAIM PINNACLE, ST. CATHERINE, JAMAICA THE HISTORIC HOME OF LEONARD PERCIVAL HOWELL AND THOUSANDS OF RASTAFARI PEOPLE WORLDWIDE. Leonard Percival Howell was born on June 16th, 1898 in Red Lands, Clarendon. He was the oldest of 10 children born to farmers Charles and Clemeteena Howell who transitioned earth on May 1935 and May 1919 […]

Afrikan Fundamentalism: I remember Marcus Garvey – died June 10, 1940, reborn August 17, 1887.

  The time has come for the Blackman to forget and cast behind him his hero worship and adoration of other races, and to start out immediately to create and emulate heroes of his own. We must canonize our own martyrs and elevate to positions of fame and honor Black men and women who have […]

Happy 131st Birthday Hubert Harrison, Giant of Black History

News, analysis and commentary from the black left. via Happy 131st Birthday Hubert Harrison, Giant of Black History.     by Jeffrey B. Perry More race conscious than A. Philip Randolph and more class conscious than Marcus Garvey, Hubert H. Harrison’s “ideas on the centrality of the struggle against white supremacy anticipated the profound transformative […]

Don’t Forget The Contributionz of Black History Giant Hubert Harrison

AlterNet / By Jeffrey B. Perry  Harrison was a self-described radical internationalist and his spirit lives on today. Photo Credit: AfrikanRising; Screenshot / YouTube.com Hubert H. Harrison (1883-1927) is one of the truly important figures of 20th-century history. A brilliant writer, orator, educator, critic and political activist, he was described by the historian Joel A. […]

Tha Whirlwind

  Whirlwind Newsletter, your daily source of Grassroots Information View this email in your browser Published by the Local Black Government of the UNIA-ACL… Established August 31st 1920 and the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)… Established November 15th, 1995 Whirlwind Newsletter for April 27th, 2014 Volume 3 Issue 18                   […]

I am the US economy – from prison to the streetz

  by King William Brown Jr., aka Pye-Face, Minister of United KAGE Brothers Union “Spatial fix has a secondary meaning. Not only does capital fix its contradictions through cities, it also ‘fixes’ in place a whole set of physical infrastructure (fixed capital) and social relations to go along with it. Each phase of capitalist urbanization […]

Garveyism and Education

  “The time has come for the Negro (African) to forget and cast behind him, his hero worship and adoration of other races and to start out immediately to create and emulate heroes of his own.” Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, 1925 African Fundamentalism The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey born August 17th 1887, Jamaica, Caribbean is […]