Move Political Prisoner Debbie Africa’z Upcoming Parole Hearing

Ona Move Everybody! We just wanted to inform people that sometime in May Debbie (Sims) Africa will be going before The Pa Parole Board for what will be her now 7th parole hearing since 2008 . We are putting together a parole sample sheet and are asking that people sign it or write their own […]


  SATURDAY, APRIL 26 On Saturday, April 26 there will be a Festival of Life Celebration.  It will be a reunion of all those who have participated in Mumia support efforts over the past decades,  uniting with the young people who have joined and strengthened our movement in recent years. We celebrate the extraordinary life of Mumia […]

20th Annual International Lockz Conference Natural Hair, Wholistic Health and Beauty Expo

 In celebration of the upcoming                                                                                20th Annual International Locks Conference:                                                                     […]

Save the Date: Celebration of Life Festival Honourz Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 60th Earthday

The Celebration of Life Festival, April 24-26 in Philadelphia, marks Mumia’s 60th birthday. On Saturday, April 26, the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC) will gather supporters on two buses, one from 31st Street and 8th Avenue and one from Riverside Church, Claremont Avenue at 120th Street, and ride to Philly for the all-day festival, a […]

My North Star: How Mumia Abu-Jamal Led Me To Activism By Walidah Imarisha   In high school in a small town in Oregon, I found guidance in the most unlikely of places. Mrs. Borrevick wore bright lipstick drawn around her actual lips. To make her mouth appear bigger. She didn’t have to do the same with her heart. She was the guidance counselor, took […]

10 Factz about the Mumia Abu-Jamal Case

By Johanna Fernandez  1. Mumia Abu-Jamal is innocent. Mumia has been wrongfully imprisoned for 32 years. He spent the first 28.5 years of his imprisonment on Pennsylvania’s death row. In 2011, his death sentence was confirmed unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court and he is now serving a sentence of “life in prison” without parole. He is […]

How to Build a Prison (a poem)

By Quincy Scott Jones   for Philadelphia, USA   1. Always hated that building and never knew why The one right before the on-ramp for 95 Cross-corner from the statue of Tamanend Riding the world-turtle stretching out his hand   William Penn got along with Indian That’s why it’s not Fort Philly That’s why there’s […]

Prison Radio needz Donationz 4 Tha New Year

Grafitti artist bringz the message to Los Angeles over the Holidayz. At Prison Radio, we have to be as bold as possible, as courageous as possible and also deliberate and graceful. This road to freedom that we are on is, at times harrowing. The work we do requires dedication and strong partnerships. Thank you for sharing your resources with us. We do this work with your help because we believe Mumia and our other correspondents will be freed.  We need these revolutionary visionaries brought home.  Yes new voices will rise, […]

44 Dayz left

Together, we prevented the state from executing Mumia Abu-Jamal. Together, we can bring him home. Mumia is off death row, but his life is still in danger. We ask you to be one of 1,000 individuals to donate $60 to fund the work of the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, which includes an international petition drive; the […]

Save Tha Date: 15 Feb 2014 Mumia Marathon

Save the Date!   Clear Your Calendar!  Celebrate Black History Month with Us!   Saturday, February 15, 2014 1-7 p.m.    Something New from the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC)!   Mumia Marathon—7 hours of Mumia film clips, some rarely seen, some familiar to Mumia supporters, plus a silent auction, MumiaGear table, and cultural interludes. Light meal available for purchase. […]