Politikal Prisoner Leonard Peltier – Indian Summer

  Friend – Greetings my friends relatives and supporters: I would like at this time say a few words of Thank You and appreciation for the recent donations that many of you have made for my legal fees.   I know with today’s economy it isn’t always easy to find the extra funds to send.  […]

Back from Ferguson activistz Rosa Clemente & Russell Shoats III

Download Podcast Rosa Clemente, an activist and former Green Party VP candidate will speak to us about the police terrorism she and others suffered while protesting in Ferguson, Missouri on August 20,2014. She told Ebony online that “officers swooped in on us from all directions and locked us down. The threats, their eyes, postures, weaponry […]

“Government’z Arsenal to Destroy Revolutionariez”: Political Imprisonment Persistz

By Maya Schenwar http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/25695-governments-arsenal-to-destroy-revolutionaries-political-imprisonment-persists Through recounting the incarceration of activists fighting for black liberation, Native American sovereignty, Puerto Rican independence, economic justice, the abolition of nuclear weapons and more, author Dan Berger illustrates how imprisonment serves as a political tool deployed by the state to maintain the status quo. Defining “political prisoner” is a risky […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“Prison is a second-by-second assault on the soul, a day-to-day degradation of the self, an oppressive steel and brick umbrella that transforms seconds into hours and hours into days.” -Mumia Abu-Jamal Related articles Mumia Abu Jamal: When Children Are the Enemy “Celebration and Resistance” by Mumia Abu-Jamal Mumia Abu Jamal- Re-sentencing Appeal Denied Free Mumia […]

Prison Radio Kommentariez

Art by Prison Radio Correspondent Kevin “Rashid” Johnson  Prison Radio Essays “Bad Massacres & Good Massacres”  (2:24) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen “The Palestinianization of Blacks in the U.S.”  Kerry Shakaboona Marshall Listen   “One, Two, Three Fergusons”  (2:11) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen   “Night of Pain, Night of Rage”  (2:07) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen   “War and False Peace”  (2:58) […]

Garvey To Wahad: Legacies Of Black Resistance

Dhoruba bin-Wahad and Mwariama Kamau were back with us to discuss the killing of Michael Brown within the context of Black Liberation struggles, the Garvey Movement and Black August. Click here for the Every 28 Hours report on police killings of Black people in the U.S. from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. Related articles Analytical […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

August 17,1995 Mumia was to be executed On August 17, 1995, Mumia was scheduled to be executed in Pennsylvania. But hundreds of his supporters, myself included, were able to celebrate his stay of execution on that date in Philadelphia shortly after the Õ95 PCRA (post conviction relief appeal) hearings were held in State Court. This […]

Calls mounting in US for release of Afrikan-Amerikan Imam

Calls are growing in the US for the release of Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, a jailed African-American Imam 8/15/2014 Audio interview here: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/08/15/375358/wife-release-imam-suffering-cancer/ The 70-year-old Imam, who has been held in the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility since 2007, is suffering from a rare form of blood cancer. ADX Florence or the Alcatraz of the […]