Join Ramona Africa in Philadelphia 4 The MOVE family 30 year commemoration

ONA MOVE, my friends.  As you no doubt know, May 13, 2015 marks 30 years since the unconscionable bombing and murder of my MOVE family by the US government.  We don’t intend to allow officials or anybody else to forget what happened that day or what is really behind it- our unrelenting fight for the […]

Prison Radio Kommentariez

  “August 8th Again”  (2:37) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen   “Fear of the World Outside”  (2:21) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen   “Israel: Settler, Colonial Apartheid State”  (2:50) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen    “August 8th” (3:47)  Delbert Africa Listen     “A Message From Michael Africa of the MOVE 9 for August 8th” from (8:01) Listen    “Legality Does Not Make it […]

Hurry! Reserve your ticketz to the Free Angela Davis screening NOW!

NMAAHC will screen and host a discussion of Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners, directed by Shola Lynch. The documentary explores the life of Angela Y. Davis, Ph.D. a brilliant young scholar and how, because of her activism in support of social justice, she was criminalized and put on the FBI‘s 10 Most Wanted […]

36 Years too long! Free the MOVE 9!

“I and the rest of the MOVE 9 are still On the Move”  – Delbert Africa  Dear Friends,                                                    We dedicate this weeks newsletter to the fight of the  MOVE 9 wrongfully imprisoned for 36 years. August 8th marks a grim anniversary, that of the 1978 raid upon the Powelton Village home of Philadelphia’s MOVE members. In his […]

Analytical Shortcomingz of the Left w Dhoruba bin-Wahad

Extending our earlier discussion of Herman Wallace and the Political Context of Black Self-Defense Dhoruba bin-Wahad continued with this frank – and highly explicit* – discussion of the shortcomings of many current strategies chosen by those looking to free political prisoners.  Our conversation picks up with bin-Wahad discussing Alice Walker and much of what he sees […]

Dr. Mutulu Shakur & Palestine iz a Political Prisoner Camp

Download Podcast Updates and news related to political prisoners and prisoners of war. We will also lend our voice to all the political prisoners and prisoners of war in Palestine We will also re-air an interview with Bro. BILAL SUNNI-ALI discussing political prisoner Dr. Mutulu Shakur. Bro. BILAL SUNNI-ALI is a musician, performer, composer, educator, […]

Khallid Abdul Muhammad- ” Free all Political Prisionerz”

The Honorable Dr.Khallid Abdul Muhammad leads the charge with Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz and the New Black Panther Party for the Honorable warrior and comrade Imam Jamil Al Amin formerly known as H. Rap Brown – against the slander of this good man’s works and deeds. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia the people united can remove […]

Three-fifthz of an Attorney General Declarez POWs “Non-Personz”

by JOHN LAFORGE   Hand it to President Obama for appointing Eric Holder the first African American Attorney General in US history. Then try to fathom that after generations of civil and human rights work by African Americans — whom the US Constitution once called “3/5 of a person” — it is Holder who declared […]

Politikal Prisoner Radio Guestz: Melissa Montero Padilla, Wayland Gray and John Potash

      Download Podcast   Melissa Montero Padilla, Wayland Gray & John Potash. Melissa Montero is an activist  filmmaker from Queens, New York. She’s worked at various networks such as NBC, A&E Television Networks, and HBO. She free-lanced as an Associate Producer working on various productions for television. In 2004 she began working on […]

Raleigh House iz Midwest 22 mystery man in ATF bomb conspiracy case

    The planned prosecution of twenty-two Black Panthers and activists by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division included one man with a mystery role, Raleigh House. The planned prosecution of the Midwest 22 was revealed April 7, 2014, by the disclosure of an old ATF case progress note to the Justice Department closing the […]