Racism in San Francisco County Jail

by D’jaun Barrow In regards to the prison censorship issue, I am just chiming in to let it be known that it isn’t a “nudity” thing (the California Department of Corrections’ new censorship regulations are disguised under the title “Obscene Material” – ed.); it’s a Black-Latino thing, period! I’m not in prison, I’m in County […]

Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim’s Parole Strategy, read and pass on!

  This statement below is written by Jalil, if you want to write him or read more of his writings please visit freejalil.com Write to Jalil: Anthony J. Bottom #77A4283, Attica C.F. P.O. Box 149, Attica, NY 14011-0149 Analysis on Prison-Parole Reform Strategy Dear Friends and Supporters: As many of you may have heard on June 17, 2014, I […]

Untitled by Nate Butler

By Nate Butler Time in prison brings about honesty or insanity, and to repeat what the psychiatrist said to me, “If you been in jail for 24 years and you are not trying to take back your freedom, here go some medication because you must be crazy.” A conscious man, and if you’re not conscious […]

I waz a Gangsta

  By Bro. Victor Owusu Sawyers I was born and raised a Gangsta. I’m the son of a Gangsta. In fact, I’m the son of Gangstas. My mother and father were born and raised as Gangstas too! My paternal grandfather was a high ranking Gangsta. He’s serving four life sentences for murder. My paternal grandmother died […]

George Jackson University

  “Let Us Turn Every Prison into a University and Every Prison Cell into a Classroom for Afrocentric Study!” The National Association of Brothers and Sisters In and Out (NABSIO) is actively tapping into this enormous “mental database” and developing a two-way street of communication through letter writing and the sending of historical and cultural […]

Political Prisoner Sekou Kambui Finally Released from Prison! – You Can Help!

  After 40 years incarcerated in Alabama state prisons, Sekou Kambui, civil rights activist in the 1960s, and Black Panther, was released from prison on June 30, 2014. He is currently living in a halfway house in Alabama. While Sekou is extremely happy to be free and out of prison, he is also broke. He […]

My View on Prison Life and New Possibilitiez

  Reflecting on my 43 plus years of incarceration, I can state with absolute conviction that one of the worst aspects of prison life for the imprisoned is the ongoing antagonism and violence—frequently created out of malice or out of sheer ignorance by prison guards—among the convicts. These are my thoughts on the cessation of […]

Calipatria riots need to cease and unity needz to spread

  by Kendra Castaneda Over the last few months, there has been an excessive amount of fighting between different races at Calipatria State Prison within the general population Level IV yards A, B and C. On Tuesday, March 11, a riot at Calipatria’s B yard kicked off between Mexicans from Southern California, labeled Southerners by […]

Leonard Peltier, my cellmate: Simple man with a big vision

  by Anthony Eagle I would like to take this opportunity to give you positive praise. Your newspaper is absolutely wonderful. It shows the reality of society inside prison walls and also society outside these prison walls. I am currently being housed in federal prison, United States Penitentiary, or USP, Coleman 1 in Coleman, Florida. […]

At Sista’z Place, Troy Williamz findz the liberty and justice he waz denied for 27.5 yearz in prison

  by Tina Sampay This is a story about music, radio and the connection to the human spirit. The date is Jan. 10, 1992, and Troy Williams and his cellmate at Pelican Bay Prison are using wire obtained by a maintenance employee to make an antenna for a radio. Antennas were removed from all radios […]