Folsom inmatez wired for success (video)

  “I know it’s going to work for me when I get out,” one inmate said confidently, standing in the middle of a busy Vocational Electrician classroom inside the walls of Folsom State Prison (FSP). He is one of 27 prisoners in the class learning valuable skills and earning certifications, putting each one of them […]

Inmatez strike to protest Alabama prison conditionz

By Margo Gray – bio HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) – Prisoners in three different state prisons think it is time they get paid for doing kitchen work, laundry and maintenance tasks. In protest of not being paid for institutional work, some have refused to report for work at three different facilities since the weekend.   […]

Retaliation against hunger strikerz with inadequate food

Dear Pledge Signers,    Thank you for your ongoing support of the hunger strikers who participated in their non-violent strike in 2013, in an inspiring show of unity across prison-manufactured racial and geographical lines.   Hunger strikers at Pelican Bay are being retaliated against through food service that is insufficient, inedible, and lacking nutritional value. […]

Being normal iz not OK

by Mutope Duguma “Pelican Bay” – Drawing: Johnny Martinez We prisoners are being told that as long as we are mentally healthy or not succumbing to CDCr’s debriefing policy, we will not be eligible for release from solitary confinement. Despite all the hype promising change, CDCr is still claiming that our placement inside solitary confinement […]

Support Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson who haz been blowing tha whistle on abusez and torture in u.s. prisonz Kevin “Rashid” Johnson has been blowing the whistle on abuse and torture in U.S. prisons. These actions would take courage even if Rashid were a guard, but Rashid is a prisoner. He describes the abuses and names the names: “As I sit writing this a lieutenant Deward Demoss passes my cell making segregation rounds. Further down […]

Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Repz to Legislatorz and Supporterz Tell california correctionz dept. Torture will not be tolerated here

Oct. 9, 2013 – As human beings who are committed to securing human rights for all people confined in California’s prisons, the Short Corridor Collective greets you with a firm embrace of love and solidarity. We send our endless respect to all our supporters and people of conscience for seeing the value in our humanity […]

Day 32 Countdown for Humane Conditions— Prisoner Hunger Strike

Day 32 Countdown for Humane Conditions— Prisoner Hunger Strike   August 8, 2013 — Today is the one-month anniversary of a hunger strike initiated by prisoners at Pelican Bay State Prison that quickly spread to other correctional facilities across the state of California . To be precise, it is Day 32 of a month-long period […]

Hunger strikers denied right to read: Pelican Bay officials just don’t get it

by Mutope Duguma, Pelican Bay Human Rights Movement Mutope Duguma in a photo taken June 14, 2013. The right to a photo was one small victory won by the 2011 hunger strikes. Previously, many SHU prisoners had not had a photo to give to loved ones for a decade or more. Since this one was […]

Prison Hunger Strike Stayz 30,000 Strong,California Communitiez Call on Governer

  For Immediate Release—July 10, 2013 As Prisoner Hunger Strike Stays 30,000 Strong, California Communities Call on Governor, CDCR to Negotiate Their Demands Oakland—Protests led by prisoners in two-thirds of California’s 33 prisons have gained international attention with 30,000 prisoners entering a third day of hunger strikes, along with thousands refusing work. Rallying around demands […]

On the Cusp of the 2013 Prison Strikes

We are nearing the start of the 2013 prisoner strikes in the united states, set to begin in just six days. This will be the next chapter in the book of resistance that – for many of us – began in 2011, when thousands (and at one point, over 12,000) people held in California prisons […]