18 Chartz that Illustrate America’z Insane Class System from Birth till Death

  A paralyzing visual of protracted U.S. wealth inequality   I am not usually one for a long charticle, but occasionally it’s worthwhile to step back and summarize what we know. Here, I tackle America’s class system, across the life cycle. 1. Poverty Spikes Stress in Children It starts in the womb. It never lets up. 2. […]

How Institutional Racism Affectz Nu-Afrikanz Even in Early Childhood

  Listen to this segment with Tuppett Yates   The Department of Education recently released a report showing that of pre-schoolers who are suspended in American public schools, a disproportionate number of them are African American. Black 3 and 4 year olds are about 48% of those suspended even though they make up only 18% […]

Back from hell: Black power and treason to whitenezz inside prison wallz

A personal account by Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin of a cross-race alliance of prisoners against conditions at a federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana in the early 1970s. The federal penitentiary at Terre Haute, Indiana had the reputation of being the most racist and brutal prison in the federal prison system. The city of Terre Haute […]

Psychiatry and Psychology az National Oppression

  by 1st Crown of Black Order Revolutionary Organization           permalink When revolutionaries begin discussing and conducting a concrete analysis of the particularities of national oppression and how imprisonment is used as a tool of imperialist social control, we invariably must engage in discussing and analyzing how the so-called sciences of psychiatry and psychology are […]

Living Colour: Tha World’z 1st Funk-Metal Band

  Living Colour is a rock band from New York City, formed in 1983. Stylistically, the band’s music is a creative fusion influenced by heavy metal, funk, hard rock, free jazz, hardcore punk and hip hop (although the band are frequently tagged as being a “funk metal” act). Their lyrics range from the personal to […]

Being A Man 2014 | Being a Black Man

  chocolattabrides: ‘What is it about Black men that makes them in western countries at least desire white women so much?, or at least choose to create Mixed Relationships so much? That’s not to say that there isn’t genuine love between some people that are black and some people that are white what I’m saying […]

Islam Killz Racism – Malcolm X ᴴᴰ

  Racism whether upon open or hidden, is an evil aspect of life which Islams seeks to eradicate. It is clear from the versus of the Quran, and many sayings of the Prophet (saw) which have been narrated by his companions, that differences in colour, tribes, races, or traditions are not to be excuses for […]

Jim Crow Livez: The Ugly Face of Racism Behind the Barz

  by Latif Lamonte Bayside State Prison is the worst-of-the-worst, administered by the most racist guards and staff the State of New Jersey can muster. The author is one of those forced to live under Bayside’s reign of terror. “These were not just any beatings, but beatings inflicting such brutal force, that one was broken […]

Race Inequality in Amerika by Graph, from Crime Sentencing to Income

  (By Juan Cole) Most death sentences are handed out for killing white people, even though African-Americans make up 50% of murder victims (they are only 12% of the population). So if an African-American male had fired ten shots into the SUV of some white suburban kids playing their music too loud, killing one of […]