African women have always had to work just as hard as a man and bare the burden of other oppressive and repressive situations to survive and adapt to her environment. It is other women who truly embody the understanding of the struggle of woman

A personal account of the colonial U.S. prison system

  Kwame Agomou Published Mar  3, 2014 Foreword: The following is an account of the actual conditions in today’s U.S. prison system, written by Comrade Kwame Agomou of the International Peoples’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. It was written during his recent unjust incarceration for defending himself against the violence of a white nationalist vigilante who attacked […]

The Mapuche’s Struggle for the Land Another Kind of Revolution The Mapuche’s Struggle for the Land by JOHN SEVERINO In the aftermath of the inspiring popular uprising in Argentina at the end of 2001 and the battles that blocked neoliberalism in Bolivia from 2003-2005, the Left came to power in governments across South America—most notably in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, and […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “We will have to earn, if not demand, respect for our rights through sacrifice and struggle just like the masses of other politically, socially and economically marginalized people on this planet. And that’s where out best chances for justice lie—in struggle, not in a civil lawsuit.” –Frank “Outlaw” Reid

Remembering the Real Dragon- An Interview with George Jackson May 16 and June 29, 1971

Interview by Karen Wald and published in Cages of Steel: The Politics Of Imprisonment In The United States (Edited by Ward Churchill and J.J. Vander Wall) Karen Wald: George, could you comment on your conception of revolution? George Jackson: The principle contradiction between the oppressor and oppressed can be reduced to the fact that the […]

Queen Mother Moore: A Life of Struggle

“You’ve got to be prepared to lose your life in order to gain your life.” Queen Mother Moore Queen Mother Moore, a long time revolutionary activist and fighter against the oppression of Black people, died on Friday, May 7 in Brooklyn, New York. Queen Mother Moore was one person about whom it could truly be […]

Former Black Panther political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz

For immediate release: March 31, 2013   On Friday, March 29, family members and the legal team of Russell Maroon Shoatz were informed by staff at State Correctional Institution (SCI) Greene , Pennsylvania , that he had been transferred to SCI Mahanoy. The Superintendent’s Assistant at SCI Mahanoy confirmed that Maroon had arrived there on Thursday, March […]