The New Court-Approved Device of Torture in California SHUz: Guard One

by a comrade of United Struggle from Within September 2014 permalink Guard One was implemented in the middle of June per mandate of a court-appointed mental health expert in Sacramento. The device resembles a pipe about the size of a closet pole cut to an 8″ length. It either flashes or beeps to indicate a […]

Mass Murder az Political Marketing

News, analysis and commentary from the black left. by Dr. TP Wilkinson The CIA’s infamous program to crush the resistance to U.S. occupation of South Vietnam is largely remembered as a gigantic campaign of assassination that claimed tens of thousands of lives. However, the Phoenix Program is best understood as an extension of U.S. propaganda. […]

CDCr counterpunch: New rulez designed to silence prison protest

  by Mutope Duguma To all officers and personnel within the CDCr* who have not fully grasped the state of our affairs as it relates to the events of the last three years, in particular “those damn hunger strikes,” if I could read your mind, this is what I think I’d hear you say: We […]

Menard hunger strikerz’ message of solidarity with conscious captivez nationwide

  by Muntu Sua Ra Okito (Percell Hansberry) The Menard High Security Unit hunger strikers send a message of solidarity to the brothers of the struggle at Pelican Bay SHU, Ohio Supermax, the Georgia SMU hunger strikers and all prisoners of consciousness who refuse to bow down to state torture and systemic degradation up in […]

UN Blast of U.S. Human Rightz Record Goes Mostly Unnoticed

  The report applauds President Obama’s commitment to closing detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay, but criticizes the administration’s failure to set a timeline for closure. (Wikimedia Commons)         U.S. media outlets have largely ignored a UN report noting America’s human rights violations. BY Ana Martinaz As José Luis Díaz, a representative of […]

Fight new prison censorship rulez proposed by CDCr

  by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition   We need your help. Under the guise of “obscenity” regulations, CDCr has proposed sweeping new political censorship rules for mail going both into and out of the prisons. If these changes are approved, CDCr will permanently ban any documents it defines as “contraband,” including political publications and […]

Humiliation and loss: Mass cell searchez at Corcoran SHU

  by Ajamu Watu (Terrance E. White) Revolutionary greetings! As of this writing, I’m finally getting situated from another mass cell search being done here at the Corcoran SHU by Gestapo police. This is supposed to be a once a year ordeal, so they searched the whole yard. Well, if so, then why do we […]

US Congressman Cedric Richmond Introducez Bill to Reform Solitary Confinement

  Below is the full text of a statement published today, May 8 2014m, at Cedric Richmond‘s website. A PDF of the bill itself is included as an attachment. solitaryfinal.pdf download PDF (61.4 KB) Rep. Richmond Introduces Bill to Reform Solitary Confinement Washington DC — Today, Rep. Richmond (LA-02) introduced a bill which […]

Time to End Military/CIA Torture Once and For All

PsySR Calls on President to Revoke the Army Field Manual‘s Appendix ‘M’ by STEVEN REISNER In the face of continued revelations of United States’ torture policies during the Bush administration, Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR), today sent letters to President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel demanding an end to all ongoing practices of […]

Watch Freedom Fighter Jalil Muntaqim Videoz

  Be sure to watch this powerful interview with Jalil. We are currently under an onslaught of PBA propaganda as Jalil’s parole hearing approaches. Learn the truth about the case from Jalil himself. Jalil goes to the Board for the 8th time on June 17, 20014 Published on Apr 25, 2014 Wrongfully convicted Jalil Muntaqim […]