On racism, resistance and state violence: a discussion on the politrikz of greed and hate

by the NCTT-Cor-SHU “We always agree that ‘race’ is invented but are then required to defer to its embeddedness in the world.” – Paul Gilroy “‘Racism’ is used to justify and facilitate the exploitation of peoples, and it’s based on the false belief that humanity is divided into a plurality of ‘races’ … There are […]

Ferguson Exposez Amerika’z Enduring Legacy of White Bigotry

By Bill Boyarsky Shutterstock At the heart of what’s happening in Ferguson, Mo., is an unbridgeable racial divide that has prevented too many whites from looking at African-Americans as human beings. The racial divide is not exclusively between black and white. As a resident of Los Angeles and a journalist working here, I experience life […]

Trayvon, Still: Circumventing the Permitting Process

  by Abby Zimet Troubled by Trayvon Martin‘s death and seeking to “have these conversations in the public space,” a Boston street artist and professor has erected a small, quiet, guerrilla monument to Martin on a lamp post stump he’d long considered “ripe for intervention.” He put the plaque, showing a hoodie splayed on the […]

10 Thingz All Young Black Men Should Know

Black Men Should Know Trayvon Martin, right, with a baby boy. 1)     Know that you are a young Black man in America and that means you are different than other Americans.  While you can still realize your dreams, you might have to take a different path.  You will have to be more careful, more […]

The First Rule of Blackface: It’s Not Hard to Understand, Everyone

It’s don’t wear blackface. The end. Now why is that so hard for some people to remember? Photo Credit: Uzo Aduba, Julianne Hough (Credit: Netflix/Joe Seer via Shutterstock/Salon) October 31, 2013  | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email.   Two troubled souls in Florida – Greg […]

The Battle over the Truth About the African-American Experience and Present-Day Reality

Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us On Obama’s August 28 Speech A profound struggle over the truth has been raging in America. For the past few months,  this struggle has focused on the real position of African-American people in U.S.  society. And it has taken shape in the past few weeks around the anniversary of  the 1963 […]

Fortress America: How Walling Ourselves Off Can Kill

Trayvon Martin died inside a gated community; thousands of migrants have died crossing the U.S.-Mexico border fence. Is there a correlation between these deaths inside walls? August 8, 2013  | It seems ironic that 23 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 21 years after the dismantling of South Africa’s white-enclave apartheid fences, walls […]

Stand Your Ground and Beyond: The Whole Criminal Justice System is Arrayed Against Blacks

by Glen Ford   by BAR executive editor Glen Ford   The battle against Stand Your Ground laws must be “one front in the war against the legitimacy of a criminal justice system that is fundamentally hostile to the Black presence in the United States.” The task requires a mass Movement – one that avoids […]

Trayvon Martin and Amerikan Justice

Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic best describes the underlying societal attitudes and narratives that resulted in the acquittal of George Zimmerman.  My own response is one of impotence and sadness.  I’m so sorry for the parents of Trayvon Martin.  They had to fight to get this trial, endure the criminalization of their 17-year-old son and then […]

Always “Nigger Season”

  by Rev. Reynard N. Blake, Jr.   It’s 44 days for a killer to be arrested   It’s a damn “knock, knock” joke   Glib to black death   It’s white expectations of black violence   It’s Fox News jumping with glee       Always “Nigger Season”   by Rev. Reynard N. Blake, […]