Inside the Private Prison Industry’z Alarming Spread Across America

For-profit companies like Geo-Group are buying up any politician they can find to expand their share of the “market.” Photo Credit: April 9, 2014  | On a recent Friday afternoon, with budget negotiations winding down, Arizona state representative John Kavanagh was racing against the clock. His position as House Appropriations Chairman afforded him the […]

Scientific Soul Sessionz Reading List

l  Readings for the Soul: Women’s Liberation & Subsistence by Maria Mies Principles for the Revolutionary Matriarchy Society by Fred Ho Respect Our Mothers: Stop Hating Women by Russell Maroon Shoatz Bisexuality in the Blues by Marie Incontrera White Maroons by Fred Ho & Matt Meyer Racialized Punishment & Prison Abolition by Angela Davis Words as Borders, Words as […]

Scientific Soul Sessionz Manifesto

  Together, as members of Scientific Soul Sessions: We promote ecosocialism: the unity of humanity with the planet’s ecosystems. As aspiring ecosocialists, we aim for existence based on the same respect indigenous peoples have always had for the earth and returning to producers the rightful share of the fruits of their labor. We respect our […]

A New Black Artz Movement: Rhythm & Rootz

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16 April: N.Y. statewide Day of Action 4 parole reform

  n April 16th, people across New York State will be joining together to raise awareness about New York’s broken parole system and to rally local support for the SAFE Parole Act (S.1128/A.4108).  Join Milk Not Jails, the New York Council of Churches and hundreds of prison families, criminal justice organizations, and faith communities to […]

Public Safety Committee to hear Ammiano’z solitary confinement bill

  by Carlos Alcalá The overflow room for the Feb. 11 hearing was filled to overflowing with people from all over California. The families, friends and supporters of California’s extraordinary number of prisoners – all of whom are under threat of solitary confinement if not already there – are a substantial portion of the constituents […]

Join the San Francisco Bay Area tour in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal and Lynne Stewart

Join Lynne Stewart and Pam Africa  Sunday, May 4, 6 pm reception; 7pm rally Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, between Broadway and Telegraph, Oakland Donation $10   Initial Bay Area Tour Schedule: Friday, May 2: San Francisco, Host: National Lawyers Guild, 6 pm 518 Valencia St., SF Saturday, May 3, Palo Alto, Host: Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, afternoon Saturday, […]

Key Idea’z to be Remembered

  At this current stage of history in the African (Black) Liberation Movement, it is important that key concepts be revisited and re – discussed in our continued efforts to seek clarity on certain ideas that are fundamental to the white supremacy foundation of America. First, there is the idea and concept of the “Maafa.” When […]

Cesar Chavez: A Man Familiar to Me

I remember when I was five-years-old, my parents drove 500 miles from South Texas to Dallas to take my brothers and me to Six Flags, a well-known amusement park. It was a financial sacrifice for them, but they were not going to let summer go by without a vacation for their kids.On our way home, […]

Left-White Solidarity? On the New Face of 21st Century Neo-Fascism Left-White Solidarity? by AJAMU BARAKA “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana Some years ago Italian anarchist Camillo Berneri suggested that while not always visible in the social practices of everyday European life, the racist foundation for European […]