Hold Copz Accountable For Brutality & Murder Of Unarmed Citizenz

Police brutality and murders of unarmed citizens have reached epidemic levels. Basically, every police department across the United States uses tax dollars to cover settlements from lawsuits because of police misconduct. Officers with excessive claims would no longer be employable in any jurisdiction.  We Demand that officers carry professional liability insurance as a condition of employment. […]

The Spook Who Sat By The Door (FULL MOVIE & 2011 Video Interviewz With Sam Greenlee)

“I made a Guerrilla style film about a Guerrilla war [here in Amerika]!!!….I wrote it for the Brothers and Sistas on tha’ Block.” —- Sam Greenlee, 2011 You are about to witness an IDEA Sooo fuckin’ powerful that the Amerikan government tried to stop the printing of the book, Intimidated people out of financing the […]

Eyez Of The Rainbow – a documentary film with Assata Shakur

“Like most poor people in the United States, I have no voice. The Black press and the progressive media, as well as Black civil rights organizations, have historically played an essential role in the struggle for social justice. We should continue and expand that tradition. We should create media outlets that help to educate our […]

The Brother From Another Planet/Another MUST SEE CULT CLASSIC!!!

** Nominated for Sundance Grand Jury Prize ** Cult classic. The Brother is an alien who has crash-landed in New York City. While he can’t talk, he is very empathic and handy. His attempt to make a place for himself in Harlem. Meanwhile, two bounty hunters from the Brother’s planet arrive to capture him.The story […]

Black People Resisted

  As a Pan-afrikanst living here in the amerikkka’s.I pledge to continue the fight that my ancestors fought and even gave their lives 4 so that i would have freedom to live as a proud NU-Afrikan.  That dream is still differed still some 450 yrs later,and i will not rest until freedom is a reality for all […]

Black Unity – A Home Away From Home

This Saturday’s show. We will discuss why amerikkka would have the nerve to put a million dollar bounty on Queen Assata. amerikkka’s government may as well done the same thing Nana Harriett Tubman. The Black Woman is the mother of all nations. via Black Unity – A Home Away From Home.

E-Carceration: The Problematic World of Being On An Electronic Monitor

Originally posted on Voice of the Monitored:
http://www.alternet.org/human-rights/electronic-monitoring-restrictive-and-wrong “Like hitting the lottery and losing the ticket. You are still incarcerated, no matter how you look at it.” By James Kilgore / AlterNet October 20, 2016 Photo Credit: View Apart/Shutterstock Maurice spent over 15 years in Illinois state prisons. Before he was released in the spring…

Blood flowz in Alabama prisonz az state leaderz sacrifice more bodiez in pursuit of $1.5 billion for more prisonz

Robert Washington was tied up and then “subdued” by CERT Team officers at Holman Prison. These pictures were taken of him before and after his beating. by Free Alabama Movement Holman Prison, Atmore, Ala. – As the culture of violence in Alabama’s prison system continues to spiral out of control, yet another provocation has resulted […]

28 Dayz in Chainz

In this federal prison, inmates have a choice: live with a violent cellmate or end up in shackles.  By Christie Thompson and Joseph Shapiro On Feb. 3, 2011, corrections officers at Lewisburg federal penitentiary in rural Pennsylvania arrived outside Sebastian Richardson’s cell door. With them was a man looking agitated and rocking back and forth. […]

Bay Area Rap Icon Pariz Blastz Politikz, Gentrification, Police Violence and More in New Video

San Francisco, CA – Bay Area revolutionary hip-hop firebrand Paris returns with the fourth single and video from his latest critically-acclaimed double album, Pistol Politics. “Lethal Warning Shot” features the trademark aggression and insights that have made him a political rap stalwart, and provides sorely-needed social commentary in the now apolitical world of hip-hop. And […]