Black People Resisted

As a Pan-afrikanst living here in the amerikkka’s. I pledge to continue the fight that my ancestors fought and even gave their lives 4 so that i would have freedom to live as a proud Nu-Afrikan.  That dream is still differed still some 450 yrs later,and i will not rest until freedom is a reality for all people of colour throughout the Afrikan world. Live Free or Die Tryin

Red Black Green till i die


34 thoughts on “Black People Resisted

    • U are so correct Queen. We just have to stay true to ourselvez and continue to fight to regain our rightful place as Kingz & Queenz. Yt haz not learned yet with uz there iz no them.

    • I pledge both my life and my death in the service of your freedom, wasting neither in the tradition passed down to his fellow whites by John Brown. Over and over and over, we have been given every chance to work to redeem our humanity, and every single time, we have chosen evil. IF the hearts of a tiny minority of individual whites are true,God will know that and
      He won’t want to hear about it – and He’ll tell us not to bother you about it ever again. True or not, that fact is insignificant because its buried under the tidle wave of destruction which is fast approaching even as we STILL stand and do nothing -. prattling on about our feelings as if they were some kind of fucking shrine you would all be delighted to accomodate; more work for you that we don’t want to do
      You are right, we’ve blown up half the earth and our ruling class clearly has genocide on its lizard-like mind. I wonder how many prison walls we can reduce to rubble before we go.

      • I hear you man. It’s not an easy path to take. This system is about to fall and only the righteous brothers and sistas will prevail. We just have to be prepared for anything because these devils don’t sleep. Therefore we can’t get caught slipping. Ashe’

      • Ashe” U are so right. All that we can do is stay true to the game and never forget that the our ancestorz neva gave up and we won’t do it either.

  1. I wanted to answer u 4 a while now and i choose not to 4 u disrespect me and urself just because of the avatar that u are using. Do some research on the history (his story) of black face. It is a slap in the face to all of my ancestorz and all that they live and died 4. Black iz Power…

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  3. You’re blog was thee very first blog I liked. I found your blog intriguingly different. You’re the voice of those who we in this “free” society try to forget about. I may not agree with everything you say, I don’t agree with everything I’ve done, but I have learned a lot by following and reading your blog. Which is why I have nominated your blog for the Blog of The Year 2012 Award. For more information you may click the link to my blog Congratulations!!!

    • Az always i do what i do 4 tha love of tha people awardz and thingz mean nothing,but i will accept this award with tha belief that i am getting to at least 1 person. Each 1 teach 1. Panther Love

      • Believe you me … you are getting to plenty.
        Honored that you accept. This is a very special one, created to honor a great blogger from Scotland … Shaun Gibson. No award like this one.

      • Like any good or great teacher I am always looking 4 feedback on how to improve. I am glad to have been nominated early on after this award waz put out to tha blog world.

  4. Good morning. Did you get your award from me? They were done on Sunday. I really feel you deserve them. Please check my blog for them. I hope you know that not all people are racists. I think we all must live equally together. I am better than no one. We are all sisters and brothers in my mind. Hugs and respect, Barbara

    • Thank u 4 tha nominationz, it tool me a minute to thank 4 I waz not feeling well there 4 minute. I could not let tha children in tha neighborhood down. So again thank u much. Panther Love

  5. My sweet friend, I have nominated you a new award, please visit this link:

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