Blacks To Be Exterminated, Auschwitz-Style”

Elijah Grant

Blacks to

Be Exterminated,


You are about to read information extracted from the U.S. Library of Congress by researchers residing in Ohio, Pennsylvania and California. Due to the sinister objectives outlined in the data, disclosure to the Black and Hispanic communities is obligatory. This data is accessible for verification and has been abridged due to space constraints.

A “new government program” was developed by the National Security Council between the years 1960-1964. It is called “The King Alfred Plan.” The plan details the encampment and extermination of 22 million Blacks (U.S. census count for 1970). It has been solidified by Reagan under Mr. Louis Guiffreda, ex-Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) [pronounced (fee-mah)]. The plan is under the control of FEMA and had been secured under executive orders 11490, 11921, 12148 and amended under National Security Directive #52 (aka REX-84) as of April 6, 1984.

Following is some legislation empowering FEMA:

_ Allied Legislation

_ Civil Defense Act of 1950 (as amended)

_ Comprehensive Environment Response, Compensation & Liability Act of 1980 (as amended)

_ Defense Mobilization Program

_ Defense Production Act of 1974 (as amended)

_ Disaster Relief Act of 1974 (as amended)

_ Fire Prevention Act

_ National Defense Executive Reserve

_ Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Appropriation Authorization Act 80

_ Strategic and Critical Mineral Stockpiling Act of 1979 (as amended)

_ The Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950 (as amended)

_ The National Security Decision Directive of 1959

_ The NATO Civil Defense System (& its European branch)

_ The Superfund

_ Title III – McKinley’s Homeless Assistance Act – Food & Shelter Program

_ Transfer of Telecommunication Functions

It is important that I first make clear the reason WHY such drastic measures for your destruction have been prepared:

Policy Planning Study (PPS-23), February 1948 by George Kennon of the State Dept. Planning Staff reported that “the U.S. must devise a pattern of relationships which will permit them to maintain 50% of the world’s wealth while only having 6% of the world’s population. The U.S. must cease to talk about unreal objectives such as human rights, raising of the living standard and democratization.” In 1950, he stated that “a major concern for U.S. foreign policy must be the protection of our raw materials.” (emphasis mine) (abridged).

A. In the National Security Memorandum (NSM-200), 1975, Henry Kissinger stated that “a reduction of the rate of population of these states (3rd world countries) is a matter of vital U.S. security since the U.S. will require large and increasing amounts of materials from abroad, especially from Less Developed Countries (LDC’s). That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in the political, economic and social stability of these supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects of such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources supplied and to the economic interest of the United States.” (abridged)

B. Ex-president Carter fanned the flames when he issued a directive to Congress on 5-23-77 ordering a 3-year study on would population, natural resources and the environment. To summarize 776 pages: (my research), Global 2000 — Report to the President,” 1978 establishes, “that there will be zero population growth for the whites on the earth by the year 2000, and in order to preserve the survival of the white race, lands which contain resources that the U.S. needs must be freed of its surplus population.”

In the year 2000, there will be 6.35 billion people on the earth, 5.0 billion (79%) of which will be people-of-color in Less Developed Countries. (The other 11% of us are in North America, Europe, and the islands). In order to preserve use of world resources for America:

. Water will be polluted in Saudi Arabia, Egypt & North Africa to destroy the coastal fisheries.

. The “Desertification Unit” (see U.N. Desertification Conference, 1977) will destroy woodlands in the Sahel (region in NC Africa below the Sahara desert) to increase destruction of top soil and promote desert conditions. The people will have to resort to cow dung and field residue for fuel. Top soil will have to be imported from the U.S.

. Fertility rates will be severely reduced (didn’t say how).

. Price of food will increase 95% and Central Africa’s food consumption will drop to 20% below FAO standards for survival. And, for every $1. increase in GNP (gross national product) for Less Developed Countries, there will be a $20. increase for North America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada.

. Weather will be manipulated to affect production and demand of food exported from Thailand and Argentina.

. The world will be encouraged to move from oil toward nuclear, hydronuclear, natural gas and coal for fuel resources. (FEMA has control of these resources).

Due to deforestation, the burning of coal and spacecraft damage to the ozone, the atmospheric CO2 (carbon dioxide) level will increase, causing polar melting and rising seas. Increased N2O (nitrous oxide) from aerosol cans will also cause crop damage and skin cancer.

The report also stated that although the needs of Latin America and Africa could be met in 1 generation’s time, the U.S. opted for World Model #3 which calls for MASSIVE FAMINE IN ASIA AND NON-OPEC AFRICA. Did you expect anything else? (The specifics on this is in the “Global 2000 Report — Volume 3).

You probably already know that 80% of the products currently used in the U.S. are taken as raw materials from non-white countries. Now you understand WHY there is such rampant starvation and poverty in so-called 3rd World countries and especially in the Motherland.

Anyway, getting back to King Alfred — Now that you know WHO and WHY, here’s the HOW:

At the point that abuses from the white governments incite rioting and revolution among Blacks and other people-of-color in the world, the following agencies will carry out the Presidential order for King Alfred or “The National Crisis (or Emergency)” as it will be called:

Federal Level

The National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Justice (courts), the Department of Defense (military) and the Department of the Interior.

State Level

National Guard Units and the State Police

Local Level

County and City police departments.

In addition to the above so-called legal enforcement, in 1982 Oliver North and Reagan added an amendment to King Alfred entitled “REX-84” (signed into law in 1984) which provides that Latinos be included in the extermination, AND that the Neo-Nazi groups in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi be federally funded and trained so that when the President-to-be declares The National Crisis, these groups will be immediately deputized to assist law enforcement in the round-up and incarceration.

And if you think that there will be world-wide outcry – don’t wait on it. Ex-secretary of State James Baker has already enlisted the help of the KGB (no they are not gone) and the Canadian government. These governments have created a US/European base to exterminate Blacks and Latinos in Africa, South America, the East and West Indies, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

For Blacks in America, the U.S. has been divided up into 11 “round-up” regions:

. Capitol region (District of Columbia)

. Northeast region

. Southeast region

. Great Lakes region (encompasses Illinois)

. South Central region

. Deep South region #1

. Deep South region #2

. Great Plains/Mountain region

. Southwest region

. West Coast region North (10A)

. West Coast region South (10B)

Now you will want to know where you will be vacationing. The current extermination camps are as follows:

. Fort Drum (Watertown, New York)

. Fort Indian Down Gap (Pennsylvania)

. Camp A.P. Hill (Virginia)

. Fort Benning (Columbus, Georgia)

. Fort Stewart (Hinesville, Georgia)

. Eglin Air Force Base (Okaloosa, Florida)

. Fort Chaffee (Arkansas)

. Fort Huachuca (Sierra Vista, Arizona)

. Oakdale (California)

. Fort McCoy (Sparta, Wisconsin)

. Batwood (Pennsylvania)

. Florence (Arizona)

. Wicksburg (Arizona)

. El Rio (Oklahoma)

. Tooly Lake (California) [1 of the Japanese-American concentration camps of 1942].

. Maxwell Air Force Base (Montgomery, Alabama)

. Camp Krome Detention Center (Florida) [Haitians are now held there. Not found on any map – located 15 miles west of downtown Miami on 8th St./U-41, 5 miles from the everglades] (L.A. Times, Nov. 27, 1991).

. Alderson (West Virginia)

. Greenville (South Carolina)

. Fort Jackson (Columbia, South Carolina)

. Avon Lake Air Force Base Range (California)

. Elmundorf Air Force Base (Arkansas)

Current capacity: 22 million people. In his last 2 weeks in office, Reagan de-activated 78 additional military bases to be used as camps in the near future. June 27, 1988, George Bush Sr. proposed that military bases be turned into prisons. Guess you forgot that. The King Alfred death camps fall under the authorization of Executive Order 11490, October 30, 1969.

Don’’t say it can’t happen in America because it already has:

Executive Order 9066, February 21, 1942. Japanese-Americans were sent to 10 concentration camps during World War II. Recently, in March 1991, Japanese revisited one of the largest camps in the United States, Camp Mansanar, California. The government even imprisoned those who were 1/16th Japanese, who were living as whites. They keep meticulous records, you know.

Now you’re probably asking, “If foreign land and its wealth is what they want, why would the government want to get rid of Black Americans?” Because somebody in your great-great-great grandmother’s house was brought here to manufacture slaves for the building of America. Check out your last name. Isn’t it European instead of African? And guess what? America’s all built and you’re in the way now.

I already know your reactions: the sophisticated will laugh at the outrageousness of it all; the pacifists will continue on as if they never knew; the thinkers will become angry and try to intellectualize a way out; the fighters will say – “I ain’t goin’ out like that!” and arm themselves to the teeth. But how are you going to fight? We have no military, no munitions plants, no Black banking system, no food production system, and definitely no land base! They have already planned to use gas, radiation, chemically-altered water and food, and ultra-low sound waves to incapacitate you. No matter who you think you are, you’re on the list. Your babies too. The Federal Security Agency is over the Public Health Service and the Social Security Administration. Why do you think that newborns have to have a social security number 15 years before their first job? Hold on, there’s more¼¼

The Constitution will be suspended and martial law will be instituted through such things as State, City & Local Community Ordinances; the “Criminal Fortification Law,” and the “Pre-emptive Strike Bill” (10/25/84) which allows arrest of any “suspected terrorist” and prevents any citizen from bringing lawsuits for false arrest.

FEMA will control food supplies, funding for programs, and medical aid through the following agencies:

Catholic Charities, National Council of Churches, Red Cross, United Way, Salvation Army, and the Council of Jewish Federations.

Don’t bother asking your white friends if they know about this because they don’t and they will probably laugh at you. Here’s who does know:

All members of the “G-7 Tri-lateral Commission” —

The Tri-lateral Commission is under the control of the 7 most wealthy white families in Europe and U.S.: Rothschild, Chandler, Saltzburger, Grandmeyer, Dupont, Rockefeller and Morgan families. They have instituted a pyramidal concept of 10 world centers of control. Bush is under the control of the Rockefellers through his pact with the Skull and Bones secret society of Yale University. Commissioners are also called “placeholders,” and many of our governors are Tri-lateral Commissioners.

The Tri-lateral Commission is also assisted by the white Masons, Shriners, the Catholic Papacy, and of course, specific Rhodes Scholars.

REX-84 military training programs have been on-going for quite some time. One camp is located 15 miles from Camp David in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Information on 8 other covert programs were stored at Harvard until some students exposed the data.

The Majority 12 (MJ-12) will oversee all covert activities. They are composed of Rockefeller whose Foundation funds [and thereby has the power to manipulate or close] UNCF colleges!; the Director of the CIA, Secretary of Defense, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director of the FBI, plus 6 unidentified men of the Executive Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). 6 outside and 6 inside men. The CFR is a Cecil J. Rhodes and Rothschild secret society which controls the CIA and the MJ-12.

The next thing on your mind is probably, “They won’t find me, I’m outta here!” I don’t have room to go into the specifics of WHAT, but the technology for global human tracking and surveillance is extraordinary. I’m sure that the satellites that NASA maintain will do a lot of the work. Wait! — I haven’t told you how they plan to dispose of the bodies.

They’ve studied Hitler’s records and have noted that he experienced a major bottleneck of dead bodies. America has solved that problem. They have developed industrial incinerators (probably nuclear) that have the capacity to heat up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Steel melts at approximately 2606 degrees. At 5000 degrees, a human body will vaporize on contact.

Pretty efficient, huh? To conclude —

There are many preliminary programs being instituted such as Oliver North’s “Operation Night Train,” and “The Black Program”. And while we contemplate King Alfred — Canada, France, Russia (now Unified), and the U.S. military labs have already begun systematic elimination of us and Asians, using germ warfare (AIDS & other manufactured retro-viruses), “NutraSweet,” microchip implants for prisoners and infants, “Norplant” and Melanin-specific fungi and bacteria.

I think you get the picture.

The most important point is that your government is depending on the fact that you will believe that being politically-correct, socially non-threatening, financially solvent or a government informant will exempt you. They are trusting you to totally discount the information and to advise other to do so too. Go to the libraries yourself. I have.

There will be signs: The phrases “drug war,” and “the war on drugs” are code words. Politicians and government officials use them a lot. Police substations will be set up in strategic places. Usually in areas of high Black population. Tickets and/or arrests will be on the increase. For your own good, bruthas should never travel alone. You can figure it out.

They are prepared for us to fight back, but the U.S. and Europe have been stockpiling weapons for decades. We know they have perfected extermination on this continent before, with 120 million Indians. But you CAN pray for divine intervention.

I am giving you this information because I love my people. God speaks to us in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge and because they do not acknowledge me¼¼” Ephesians 5:11 says, “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” I believe I’ve done that. If you don’t know how to pray, learn. The day is too late to continue in the direction of error. It may mean the difference between your children living or dying.

Research provided in this article was provided by Mr. Zears Miles of Gardena, California (author of the 570-page genocide package: “AIDS – Made in the U.S.A.”); Mr. Steve Cokely of Columbus, Ohio; and Mr. Del Jones (author of “The Black Holocaust” – 1992, Hikeka Press, Inc., P.O. Box 13197 — Philadelphia, PA. 19101 — Ph: 215-748-3220).

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