Companies Using Prison Labor

The following companies are using some form of prison slave labor in their business practices: logos.jpgforever_211.jpgwsk.jpgeddie-bauer-high-res-logo-to-use.jpgvistoriassecret1.jpg Do you own/use anything made by these companies? It kind of makes you think twice about those “pink” panties you’re girl be  wearing….


27 thoughts on “Companies Using Prison Labor

  1. More company namez that uze prison labour

    MicroJet, Nike, Lockhart Technologies, Inc., United Vision Group, Chatleff Controls, TWA, Dell Computers, Microsoft, Eddie Bauer, Planet Hollywood, Redwood Outdoors, Wilson Sporting Goods, Union Bay, Elliot Bay, A&I Manufacturing, Washington Marketing Group, Omega Pacific, J.C. Penney, Victoria’s Secret, Best Western Hotels, Honda, K-Mart, Target, Kwalu, Inc., McDonald’s, Hawaiian Tropical Products, Burger King, “Prison Blues” jeans line, New York, New York Hotel/Casino, Impereal Palace Hotel/Casino, Crisp Country Solid Waste Management Authority, “No Fear” Clothing Line, C.M.T. Blues, Konica, Allstate, Merrill Lynch, Shearson Lehman, Louisiana Pacific, Parke-Davis, Upjohn

    • U would not have thought that so many major companiez were involved in this practice. And yet unemployment iz majorly high here on tha streetz.

    • Moorbey, that is why the United States has the largest prison population: cheap labor and over 50% of the population are black men, no wonder they are profiled and everyone believes that emancipation liberated people of color it’s all Slavery by a new name


      • The sad truth iz amerika made it’z fortune by stepping on the neckz of my ancestorz and people of colour and they continue to do so az long az they are in power..

    • Goddam iz right. And it iz shameful that tha unemployment iz so high and it will continue to be so az long az tha mentioned fortune 500 companiez continue to make big profitz. Inmates salary range from 95 centz an hour on up to 3.65 per hour

      • Oh, hadn’t thought inmates slavery made such a dent in the economy. Guess you are right with three million way below min wage, funded by government.
        You are forced to work in prison, too.
        Appreciate you shedding light on this.
        This matters.
        We are slave owners by omission (as well as death penalty murderers) all over again.
        This is not working for me. It sucks to be on this side of the tragedy too.
        : (
        As a Proud American, I have slaves locked up and forced to work. I murder people.

  2. And we (USA) dare to try to shame other countries for their human rights violations…what a frickin’ joke we are.

    • U said it right usa darez to try and shame other countriez 4 their human rightz violationz. amerika iz tha worst when it comez to human rightz violationz, and we both know it started with our native amerikan brudda’z and sista’z.

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  4. This is quite unfortunate. How can the government allow this? What is the justification? Not that it matters, what is wrong is wrong. Period.

    • It workz like this tha company payz their employeez say 16.00 per hr. Tha government iz now acting in tha capacity az a employment agency so tha government salary 4 inmatez iz75 centz an hr up to 3.75 per hr. So think about the profit that tha government makez it iz a win win situation cause inmatez can not miss work or have vacation dayz or get time off. Now do u understand why so many fortune 500 companies have went this route and why thea government playz devil’s advocate and lovez tha role of tha slave master.

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  6. I was searching the internet for a link that listed the companies that use slave ( prison) labor to manufacture their goods. People have no idea where the goods come from that they buy. The mark-up on the prices that are charged to the consumer makes a pretty hefty profit for these good American companies. I recently started another blog where I can more easily re-blog posts I enjoyed reading. It’s called, Watch and Whirl. This link can be found in the third post. We still need to talk about what we can write together.

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