The Move 9 Chroniclez Startz This Saturday March 1st .


Ona Move Everyone! We are now Five months in with The Justice And Accountability Campaign. When we first started this five months ago we said our goal was to expose The Pa Parole Board and their illegal parole denials of The Move 9 not only have  We exposed The Pa Parole Board whose on it and it’s connection to Law Enforcement But we are holding them accountable for their illegal actions in denying Move Parole. We are preparing for the next round of upcoming parole hearings for  Some of our family this year and we are about to turn up the heat with This situation of The Move 9 being illegally held hostage at the hands Of The Pa Parole Board. We would like to officially introduce and invite People to The Move 9 Chronicles starting this Saturday March 1st. The Goal of The Move 9 Chronicles is to introduce people to The  Move 9 on a more personal level. Many people know about the case Of The Move 9 and their names but they really don’t know who they  Are and how they have made a positive impact and influenced Men, Women, and Children all over the world . For thirty one days in March their will be a different letter, statement, And thoughts posted by people who have met and been influenced By The Move 9. We want people to see who The Move 9 are and why We are fighting so hard for their release from prison. People can go  To Free The Move 9 Parole Blogspot on a daily basis to read The Move 9  Chronicles. Read and get involved in The fight to Free The Move 9. Also don’t forget to keep those calls going to The Pa Parole Board Every Monday call (717) 772-4343 and demand; the release of The Move 9 from Pennsylvania prisons.

Ona Move  Orie , Ann ,Mona , Margie , and Illy


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