Let’z Keep Tha Pressure On Tha PA Parole Board

Ona Move Everybody!

In the next couple of months at least four of The Move 9 will be having upcoming parole hearings. Now is the time to keep the pressure on the parole board with Move 9 Mondays.
So don’t forget to make your calls this Monday for The Move 9 and let’s keep the pressure on The Pa Parole Board on the issue of The Move. 9.
You can reach the Pa Parole Board at (717) 772-4343
Here are some key talking points people can make and questions they can ask.
(1) Despite having nothing to do with the prosecution of The Move 9
and having no knowledge of the case, Philadelphia District Attorney
Seth Williams gives a negative recommendation for parole to the board
asking that The Move 9 not be given parole.
(1a) How can a man have such an impact on a case that he has no knowledge of ?
(2) At least seven of the eight remaining Move Members in prison have been given positive recommendations for parole by the respective wardens and superintendents of their institutions. 99 percent of inmates that are given recommendations from the warden and superintendents of their institutions are given parole.
(2a) Why is this different for The Move 9 ?
(3) All of The Move 9 have employment and housing set up for them if paroled.
(3a) Why is the parole board overlooking this?
Whenever we bring up the issue of the outright murder of MOVE PEOPLE on MAY 13Th 1985 by this system and it’s officials we are told its time to move past this yet the parole board has not gotten past the issue of James Ramp being murdered that’s why they keep pushing the issue of nature of the crime when Move People are denied parole.
The Move 9 are innocent and the these legalized terrorists known as the parole board know it too they are following the orders of The Fraternal Order of Police and other police unions and The Philadelphia District Attorney to keep The Move 9 in prison. If they will sit back and think we are gonna allow this then they are stupid. So please don’t forget to make your calls this Monday .
Ona Move
Orie, Mona, Ann, Margie, and Illy
Don’t forget to check out The Move 9 Chronicles running all through march on Free The Move 9 Parole Blogspot.com

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