My Move Brotherz and Sisterz


Ona Move

I wanna tell you how much Move members in prison have influenced my life. Between the Move members stuck in prison still fighting to get out and the Move members out here, fighting to free our brothers and sisters, every one of them has had a lasting effect on me. There are no words that can really express my feelings; I want you to know that, but I’ll try by telling you this story. I always wanted to express my love and loyalty to my family in prison all across PA. I remember crying when I was trying to convince a man I thought was my father of the importance of the Move family locked in those prisons, trying to make him understand how much I loved them and how bad things he was doing was hurting them and not helping them to come home.

I could not understand why he didn’t respond to me why, and why he didn’t love them like I did.  So one day I couldn’t help it and I cried and cried because of bad things he was saying. My mother picked me up and held me, drying my tears. She said to me ‘don’t cry baby, these issues are not for you, you can’t carry this fight on your shoulders, you’re too little, don’t worry, your mama will take care of it. You let me deal with it. Your mother is strong and can handle it.’ Well I’m not little anymore, and now I can defend my love for my family and I intend to do that. All my Brothers and Sisters locked away unjustly, but never locked out of my mind and my heart.

We have a strong bond of family in Move. I am so glad JOHN AFRICA saved me and kept me here in Move. Safe from all the hate and disloyalty. I can’t stress how grateful I am to be born in Move where everybody is treated equally and there are no discriminations of any kind. I have JOHN AFRICA, my family, and Move supporters to thank for help keeping me here.  My goal is I want to be able to fight like Delbert and Phil, I want to laugh and work hard like Janet and Janine, run like Mike, keep my mind strong and light like Eddie, do push-ups like Debbie, speak MOVE GUIDELINES like Chuck, but above all those things, I want to be a strong, loyal consistent example of JOHN AFRICA’S family like my MOVE brothers and sisters who always set the example for me to see and follow.

I want to include Mumia Abu Jamal in this too, because he is important and he respects JOHN AFRICA. He always shows respect for JOHN AFRICA; he never allows himself to become big-headed, no matter how much he is celebrated. He keeps it real because he is a strong man and a good example. Mumia is a good role model for any young person; he is very inspiring. Mumia’s struggle to win his freedom really makes you realize how little our everyday problems are out here. I believe Mumia will achieve his freedom, and he will be free one day. Our biggest work now is to help
free Mumia and the Move 9 from prison because none of them are guilty of nothing wrong. They are some very inspiring people: Mumia Abu Jamal, Janet, Janine, Phil, Debbie, Mike, Chuck, Delbert, and Eddie Africa. Even though I never had the opportunity to meet her (I was only one years old when she moved on), I still acknowledge Merle Africa just like I do the rest of my family because my mother keeps her alive for me.





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