The People Vs Tha Pa Parole Board



Ona Move Everybody!
We know that their has been some recent misinformation concerning the parole hearing of our sister Debbie (Sims) Africa on whether she had her parole hearing.
It’s official that Debbie’s parole hearing will be this Tuesday May 13th 2014. On the 29th anniversary of State and City Officials outright blatant Murder of 11 Move men, women, and children the parole board has decided to give Debbie her hearing.
The Time To Take Action Is Now
On May 12th and May 13th  We Are Calling for people to Occupy The Phone Lines of the Pa Parole Board in support of Parole For Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307. Call the Pa Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and Demand Parole for Our Sister.
Now is the time! We have them under a tremendous amount of pressure.
Ona Move
Orie , Mona , Illy, Margie,  and  Ann
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