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” To the slave, revolution is an imperative, a love-inspired, conscious act of desperation. It’s aggressive. It isn’t ‘cool’ or cautious. It’s bold, audacious, violent, an expression of icy, disdainful hatred! It can hardly be any other way without raising a fundamental contradiction.” – Komrade George Jackson Related articles Komrade George L. Jackson Livez! Venezuelan […]

“The Lumpenproletariat and the Revolutionary Youth Movement” by B. Franklin

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What follows is an influential piece from Bruce Franklin, first published in Red Papers 2, 1969, re-posted here for its historical and theoretical value. As always, re-posts articles for the purpose of education and discussion and does not necessarily denote agreement with the piece in question. The first major…

Empire of Prisonz

  How the United States is Spreading Mass Incarceration around the World Empire of Prisons by JAMES P. JORDAN This article explains how the United States is exporting its model of mass incarceration and social and political control to at least 25 countries.  This “prison imperialism” is rooted in the Program for the Improvement of […]

The Rise of Carceral Humanism and Non-Alternative Alternativez

  The Rise of Carceral Humanism and Non-Alternative Alternatives Repackaging Mass Incarceration by JAMES KILGORE Since my CounterPunch article last November which  assessed the state of the movement against mass incarceration, the rumblings of change in the criminal justice have steadily grown louder. Attorney General Eric Holder has continued to stream his mild-mannered critique by […]


  Prison Radio broadcastz the voicez of prisonerz to honor their humanity. Bird Dogging Bergdahl (2:04) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen The Shiving of Shinseki (2:26) Mumia Abu-Jamal Listen After Two Years: The War on Freedom (2:06) Lorenzo Cat Johnson Listen Capital (1:48) A Poem by Safir Cuma Asafo Listen Signs of the Times (3:05) A Poem […]


June 5, 2014 Solitary confinement is torture. Kevin Rashid Johnson has spent decades in the hole. Last week we put out an urgent Medical Alert Eblast urging care for severe headaches and dangerous blood pressure levels. That same day Kevin Rashid Johnson’s legal advisor on his Oregon cases, Ben Haile of the Portland Law Collective, […]

Fight new prison censorship rulez proposed by CDCr

  by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition   We need your help. Under the guise of “obscenity” regulations, CDCr has proposed sweeping new political censorship rules for mail going both into and out of the prisons. If these changes are approved, CDCr will permanently ban any documents it defines as “contraband,” including political publications and […]

14,000 Dayz in the Life of Leonard Peltier

  14,000 DAYS   What have YOU been doing for the past 14,000 days?     June 6, 2014, is a milestone in Leonard Peltier‘s life.   Why? The date marks 14,000 days of imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit.   Even by the government’s own definition, Leonard Peltier has already been imprisoned for […]