How the Government Bribez Police to Arrest People For Smoking Pot

AlterNet / By Aaron Cantú Police use the number of low-level drug arrests to sustain critical law enforcement funding from the federal government.   Activists have long claimed that cops have quotas for ticketing and arresting people, but evidence to support those claims varies from state to state. However, newly obtained documents reveal that local […]

REMEMBRANCE: International Ritual Honoring Spiritz of Our Ancestorz Lost in the Middle Passage, St. Croix, VI.

  REMEMBRANCE: International Ritual Honoring Spirits of Our Ancestors Lost in the Middle Passage SAVE THE DATE!  THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 14.2014 Gathering @ 11:30am –Global libations/prayers @ 12noon @ Frederiksted Waterfront (in public space in front of Fort Frederik Museum) Join us for this International Remembrance Ritual As we continue to commemorate and observe […]

H. Rap Brown in declining health; supporterz demand medical attention

By Harold Michael Harvey, JD The 1960s radical H. Rap Brown, currently serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of a Fulton County, Georgia Deputy Sheriff, is now facing deteriorating health issues. Brown, a 70-year-old Muslim cleric, now goes by the name of Jamil Al-Amin. He is serving time at a federal […]

WILD in the Streetz by Mumia Abu-Jamal

  [Speech writ. 5/25/14] © ’14 Mumia Abu-Jamal   Imagine that a group of men ran into a business, robbed it to the tune of $100,000.00, pulled guns on them, sexually assaulted a woman, and even stole food from them, before departing and vanishing.   What would you call them? What would the news media […]

Image of the Day: Lynching

  “This photograph is brutal testament to racial terrorism in America. The facts of the case are drawn from a small article that appeared in the “New York Times” on August 2, 1908, the same day the photograph was made by a local journalist. On the previous night, one hundred white men had entered the […]