“In a world so ruled by lies, Mumia Abu-Jamal‘s truth is a lightning rod.” – Stephen Vittoria Prison Radio keeps the phones on and available for Mumia and our other prisoner correspondents. We share our resources with our correspondents so they can call and write to us. We are asking you to support our work […]

How US Private Prisonz Are Making Millionz by Jailing Migrantz in Deplorable Conditionz

  Undocumented migrants have become easy cash cows for private prison companies. As states move for the first time in decades to address swollen prisoner populations, federal immigration detention centers are the new front in private prison corporations’ business strategy, and undocumented migrants their easy cash cows. Around the country there are 13 Criminal Alien Requirement […]

John Brown and Hayti

  John Brown was not a madman to shed blood when he knew the penalty for so doing was his own life. In the opening he had sense enough to know better than that, but wanted the citizens of Virginia calmly to hold arms and let him usurp the government, manumit our slaves, confiscate the […]

A Simple Lesson on the Social Construction of Race

  by Lisa Wade, PhD, The images below are all screen shots from the fantastic American Anthropological Association website on race.   The first five are designed to show how we take what is in reality a nuanced spectrum and turn it into racial categories.  In this first image, they show how we could, conceivably, separate […]

Here’s The Powerful Anti-Redskinz Commercial That Aired During Tuesday’z NBA Finalz

  California tribe Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation made a “significant investment” to air this video during prime time. A 60-second version of this advertisement, produced by the National Congress of American Indians, aired in seven cities during Tuesday’s NBA Finals.   The video runs through words Native Americans actually use to identify themselves. A photo […]

Hugo (Yogi Bear) Pinell – denied Parole on May 2nd

  by 4struggle In 1964 Yogi Bear was sentenced to 3 years to life, and quickly became politicized upon his entry into the California Department of Corrections. Being fluent in both English and Spanish he was able to help bring together and organize prisoners in the various prisons he was at in the CDC. After […]