Politikal Prisoner Radio Guestz: Melissa Montero Padilla, Wayland Gray and John Potash

      Download Podcast   Melissa Montero Padilla, Wayland Gray & John Potash. Melissa Montero is an activist  filmmaker from Queens, New York. She’s worked at various networks such as NBC, A&E Television Networks, and HBO. She free-lanced as an Associate Producer working on various productions for television. In 2004 she began working on […]

amerikan racism against people of colour (poc)

    Any of you remember seeing those old signs that would say “Whites  Only, No Colored”? This is exactly the same thing, now its  “Americans Only, No Mexicans”. Racism against Mexicans/Chicanos is alive and well in this country. Throughout the Southwest many businesses were owned by supporters of the KKK. That is not an […]

NYPD Raidz in Harlem “They want to stop thiz whole generation”

“I woke up, opened my bedroom door and there was a gun in my face. Nobody knocked on my door. My son was not in the apartment. They told me, ‘Shut the fuck up’ and put my hands up, put handcuffs on me, smashed my face into a wall. They never told me what they […]