Kevin “Rashid”Johnson Action Alert 6/18/14

  Dear Supporters, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson continues to suffer from chronic health problems and HAS NOT YET BEEN SEEN BY A DOCTOR.  Despite the fact that he has carefully followed prison protocol and despite his being referred by two different nurses for an MD visit, he still has not received one.  This was confirmed yesterday […]

The California Prison System Iz Cracking Down on “Obscene” Politikal Publicationz

  By Charlotte Silver San Quentin prison in Marin County, California. Photo via Flickr user Andrew Reid Wildman, Artist, Writer, Photographer In February 2013 a group of inmates in California’s Pelican Bay State Prison called for a statewide hunger strike to protest the widespread and sometimes capricious use of special housing units (SHUs, a burreaucratic […]

Oakland’z Weed Speakeasiez Draw Heat

Measure Z designates Oakland pot crime as the police department‘s “lowest enforcement priority” — yet raids and arrests persist. By David Downs   Oakland’s marijuana speakeasies — dispensaries that do not have a license to operate from the city — are facing renewed heat despite the fact that we’re in the waning days of the […]

The Graffiti Hunterz

  Urban explorers risk trespassing violations, injury, and even death to photograph a hidden world of aerosol art for all the world to see. By April Kilcrease On a warm spring day, I followed local graffiti photographer and urban explorer Michael (whom the Express agreed to not fully identify) across a green stretch of park […]

State Prisonz Institute New Censorship Rulez

  Prisoners and prisoners’ rights advocates say the new regulations could result in bans on newspapers, magazines, letters, and inmate writings. By Toshio Meronek Last year, about 30,000 inmates staged a hunger strike in California prisons to protest subpar living conditions and the use of long-term solitary confinement. In response, the California Department of Corrections […]

Sekou Kambui Paroled!

Originally posted on Denver Anarchist Black Cross:
   This morning, after forty years in the hands of the State, New Afrikan political prisoner Sekou Kambui has been paroled! Given the provision that Sekou finds an approved halfway house and transition program, he will be released from Bibb County Correctional in a few weeks. We want…

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

  Baby Buggy Patented Date: Sun, 1899-06-18 On this date in 1899, an African American patented the Baby Buggy. That day William H. Richardson walked to a Baltimore patent office that changed the baby carriages. It was his idea to use a special joint to allow a bassinet to be turned to face the operator. […]