Republicanz . . . A Divided Team Their Only Commonalty Iz Despisal Of Black N’ Tan People

Eric Cantor,’s fall from grace n’ power has by-now been well-documented. The Clark Kent pencil-necked, spec-wearing fallen Congressional Super-politician who opposed President Obama over the last few years, represented the Reagan Neo-Conservative chunk of the GOP, and he did it with all the arrogance and indifference of a renegade Confederate General . . nonetheless it seems “real” Confederates – today’s TEA Party have determined, via the voting booth Cantor was, check this now,  too-soft on the Mexicans.

Yes, can you believe that?

Cantor is guilty of  breaking-bread, pow wowing with the Black hearted (and more importantly Black-skinned) anti-baby Jesus himself – Barack Hussein, Huey P. Newton, Nat Turner, Obama . . . the most-dangerous Negro in the world.

You know the infamous, yeah that’s right, infamous  FBI icon J. Edgar Hoover would have dubbed this Ebony President “Public Enemy #1, you know he would have!

Here, in a nutshell the Anti-Everybody Who Aint White segment of the Republican Party (the TEA Party base) exercised some astonishing political muscle: the everyday Fred n’ Barney rank n’ file Rednecks (organized by the Koch barons, the Coors’ aristocrats . . . )  have sent a message to yesteryear’s GOP ol’ guard – the 20th-century coalition of yankee businessmen and their below the Mason/Dixon Line Southern Gentlemen  who serve as frontmen for the Northern Carpetbaggers . . .  we don’t want to negotiate, bend nor barter with the enemy.

“Real” Republicans hate Wetbacks.

Believe it; the entrenched Conservative establishment, i.e., the Thurston Howell III wing of the GOP – certainly they may have millions of dead presidents, but the new Republican TEA Party evidently has more  millions of alive good ol’ boys . . who hate Niggers, Specs, Chinks, Progressive White bitches, Liberal Nigger-Lovers, Muslims (Sand-Niggers) and Injunes.

Ok, Ok, Ok, perhaps not in that order, but in those harsh, antiquated racist terms . . . Look, let’s face it, the type of hate we’re seeing rise-to-the-top of the Right-Wing political heap doesn’t refer to Americans-of-Color and Women in polite, respectful, politically correct in my grandmother’s eye’s terms. So I’m reluctant to depict what I believe is the true nature of these racist/sexist n’ elitist rebels who want to turn back the hands of time in sanitized Disney-type terms to appease the wishful thinking amongst us.

Tell the truth . . . shame the devil my NaNa always said.

Eric Cantor’s fall is directly attributed to fraternizing with the enemy, translation negotiating with a Black President and his team.

Now note, the folks who went after Cantor represent the Far-Right, and what we are coming to see is the Far-Right is the base, core, foundation of the GOP. And hang-on, the next logical conclusion is – most Euro-Americans are Republicans . . . and now today most Republicans are TEA Party card carriers . . .

Sure, this New Republican TEA Party is in turmoil as we speak, a  “Do we put-on our hoods or not” moment? But, at the end of the night, these guys on the right don’t like anybody, and I mean it in those simple 1st grader terms . . . they don’t want to mix n’ mingle nor share any of their “ill-gotten” power n’ control with anyone, especially and specifically you n’ I, the descendants of the conquered victims of Global European Colonialism.

Why is it I  was asked to remember the founding father’s birthdays and hi-falutin words about liberty and justice . . . but now their actual diabolical deeds?

However lets move forward, not back, God can’t change the past, nor can man.

The Republican Party distrust and dislikes the United Nations . . .  it’s not a great-leap to accept both their brain trust and the rank n’ file harbor some of the same thoughts pertaining-to all of us 2nd and 3rd class US citizens who derive from the dreaded four-corners of the globe. This Commie/Pinko experiment with inclusion and diversity is a mistake in the eyes of most White Americans.

Do I need to circle the block with that one again . . .? This experiment with inclusion and diversity is a mistake in the eyes of most White Americans . . . and they’re taking drastic measures to halt what you n’ I . . . alas the “world” deem as progress. For the umphteenth time, I’m here to tell you the cats who unseated Eric Cantor, those fellas aren’t going quietly into the sunset, they’ve an empire to take back.

The Redneck Empire will strike back . . . .

Elements of the Right may disagree on God, guns, abortion, the environment, energy, the  bare-minimum-wage debate, homosexuality and global affairs, however all factions n’ fractions agree on this one point: They don’t want to answer to another non-White male President. They don’t want their kids going to school with Black n’ Tan kids or answering to Black teachers and administrators. They don’t want Black or Tan neighbors, a Tan Doctor, a Black boss at work or Black in-laws . ..

They want their WASP culture back, and back they’re good ol’ US of A, where virtually all the darkies knew their place.

There’s a restructuring of these so-called United States going-on, a remapping of where the old power resides, and there’s been an abandonment of Ol America, see Detroit, East St. Louie, and so on. Breadwinner jobs were long exported overseas rather than pay “White trash” and Negroes decent Union wages.

Can I get an “amen” and “Right-On” brother to that!

Desperate Mexicans and Central Americans, running from the bleak, dire situation that is South of the border, escaping the harsh conditions the descendants of Spanish Conquistadors have created . . .  have here in the US  been pimped n’ exploited, by both Democrats and Republicans to undermine the advancements of Organized workers.

“White Flight,” the strategic exodus of White assets, resources aka “Power” –  economic and knowledge forms-of wealth to either ‘Deep Suburbia,” i.e., New America,  and/or the urban fortresses hand-crafted to cater to the White folks bold n’ daring enough to live “in-town.” Downtown and midtown villages where the real estate prices keep out the colored rift-raft. Where the schools are being resegregated via the Charter School scam/shell game/hustle which even Black n’ Tan parents have bought into

Think Harlem baby . . . ..It’s snowing up in Harlem.

So on one hand you’ve got this new version of White Flight, while we also hear the real segregationist who recklessly but calculating  toss-around words like Impeachment and Secession with deliberateness, they’ll not be ruled by Black tyrants, Lady Dictators as HRC will be painted n’ tainted as. Nevertheless it’s a sure bet they will too object to the Latino President standing on the horizon.

Get your popcorn, kick back n’ dig the drama, the Broadway-type oprah is about to unfold.

What we should ascertain from the defeat of Eric Cantor is The Right, the real Right, the unwashed Rednecks from Wyoming to Mississippi, all across America, do not want what most Americans-of-Color want. One nation, under whatever diety you pray-to, indivisible. . .  with liberty and justice for all..

Sounds good in theory, but for Conservatives they only want to apply this standard to Whites.

Therein sits our problem. Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. “Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way.”

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