Outlaw to walk free July 14

  by Heyward, Justice 4 Outlaw Crew We are excited about the impending release from prison of our beloved friend and comrade, Frank “Outlaw” Reid, on July 14. Outlaw will finally walk free! Allies in D.C. and Virginia have been raising financial support for his re-entry. Our latest effort is a mixed media zine called […]

Houston needz a civilian review board – but Texas needz much more!

  by Keith H. Washington, bka Comrade Malik, NABPP Prison Chapter For the past four years, community activists and civil rights leaders in the Houston area have been fighting hard to establish a civilian review board with prosecutorial power over local police. The board would oversee the activities of a Houston Police Department which has […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

  Allensworth, CA., a community of Black self pride Allensworth, CA. Community Moto Date: Tue, 1908-06-30 On this date, we celebrate the founding of Allensworth, California, in 1908. This was the first and only all Black town in California’s history. On this date, Allen Allensworth, a former soldier, and William Payne, a teacher, created the […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

  The Underground Railroad, “Free at Last” Date: Sat, 1787-06-30 The Underground Railroad, the organization which helped escaped African slaves from the South on their journey to freedom in the North and Canada, begun in 1787, is celebrated on this date. It is believed that it started and got its name when Isaac T. Hopper, […]

Wednesday, 2 July: Forum on NYPD War on Grassroots Hiphop

  THE UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AFFAIRS Zulu Nation Factology – The 5th Element Of Hip Hop! “DIFFERENT NAME’S, BUT THE SAME GAME”“FROM POLICE  COMMISSIONER’S RAYMOND KELLY TO WILLIAM BRATTON “THE NYPD  WAR ON  GRASSROOTS HIP HOP  CULTURE”  CONTINUES……Under Commissioner Raymond Kelly……“The New York Police Department has created a centralized intelligence graffiti database to identify […]