4th World Radyo: The Metis People – Recognition, Reconciliation and Resistance

by aboriginalpress

Summary: TheAngryindian speaks with Metis Nation political activist, feminist and writer Samantha Nock (halfbreedsreasoning.wordpress.com / @sammymarie) about her most recently published work: ‘Protecting Our Truths‘, which discusses the residual, generational ethnocide suffered by her relations and other Indigenous Peoples because of the mistreatment they endured within the xenophobic and exploitative gulag of the Canadian Residential School system.

“Her frank and fearless essay is a powerful, soul-jarring narrative of historical pain, lingering grief and the proud refusal of the Metis People to die quietly for the benefit of Occupied Canada. As a writer, Ms. Nock embodies the soul of the humble warrior, articulating – with quiet eloquence – the Indigenous right-to-resist against Euro-Settler xenophobia and the incessant pressures of Anglophone hegemony. As an Indigenous feminist, she presents a strong and unapologetic voice to the humiliating disgrace of racist, misogynist indifference towards the welfare of Aboriginal Women past and present. She reminds us with each sentence, that the silent defiance of our elders is an ongoing sacrifice many endure on behalf of their descendants, wishing to protect them from the horrors they experienced. It is a story of survival. And if you read nothing else this year, you owe it to yourself to read this. – [Protecting Our Truths | A Halfbreed’s Reasoning]”


Listen / Download:  00:54:36 – 128Kbps — (mp3) / (ogg)


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