The black radical tradition

The black radical tradition

A massive PDF compilation of writings about black radical and revolutionary movements in the US in the 20th century.


Black Reconstruction – W.E.B. Du Bois
What Socialism Means to Us – Hubert Harrison
An Appeal to the Conscience of the Black Race to See Itself – Marcus Garvey
Program of the African Blood Brotherhood – The African Blood Brotherhood
Report on the Negro Question – Claude McKay
Application for Membership in the Communist Party – W.E.B. Du Bois
The Negro Nation – Harry Haywood
An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Woman! – Claudia Jones
The Revolutionary Answer to the Negro Problem in US – C.L.R. James
Revolutionary Nationalism and the Afro-American – Harold Cruse
Is the Black Bourgeoisie the Leader of the Black Liberation Movement? – Harry Haywood with Gwendolyn Midlo Hall
The American Revolution – James Boggs
Message to Grassroots – Malcolm X
The 12-Point Program of RAM – Revolutionary Action Movement
Speech in Beijing – Robert F. Williams
Black Power – Stokely Carmichael
Beyond Vietnam – Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Pitfalls of National Consciousness – Frantz Fanon
The Correct Handling of a Revolution – Huey P. Newton
Power Anywhere Where There’s People – Fred Hampton
On the Ideology of the Black Panther Party – Eldridge Cleaver
On the Defection of Eldridge Cleaver … – Huey P. Newton
Prison Letters – George Jackson
White Blindspot – Noel Ignatin
Without a Science of Navigation We Cannot Sail in Stormy Seas – Noel Ignatin
Liberation Will Come from a Black Thing – James Forman
General Program (Here’s Where We’re Coming From) – League of Revolutionary Black Workers
From Repression to Revolution – Ken Cockrel
Black Women’s Manifesto; Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female – Frances M. Beal
Reflections on the Black Woman’s Role in the Community of Slaves – Angela Davis
The Combahee River Collective Statement – Combahee River Collective
Negro National Colonial Question – Communist League
Critique of the Black Nation Thesis – Racism Research Project
Revolutionary Review: The Black Nation Thesis – Congress of African People
National Liberation of Puerto Rico and the Responsibilities of the U.S. Proletariat – Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization
Revolution, the National Question and Asian Americans – I Wor Kuen
Chicano Liberation and Proletarian Revolution – August Twenty-Ninth Movement

This was a preliminary PDF released for reading groups in Oakland and elsewhere by the Communist Research Cluster and Viewpoint Magazine, and forms a rough draft of what will become volume 2 of the CRC seriesCommunist Interventions. Found on Google documents by

The Black Radical Tradition.pdf 5.5 MB

10 thoughts on “The black radical tradition

  1. In opening very good article, it is known the Panthers visited Cuba and Uganda and are Marxist to socialist.
    I am a Socialist have been all my life and studied in all schools at Fidel’s Cuba. As a Socialist I am not communist as it brought nothing good to Cuba except for Fidel’s pockets while we starved.
    It does not take away on how much I admire the coalition and in the 60 the 10 point Zinn edu proj still being used a wonderful program called mindful thinking and good for black children.
    Most African American fear all this, but don’t it is still brave and innovative and will break the chains.
    Thank you

  2. Moorbey sorry for taking so long I have a page on Instagram #leearango123 and it is filled.

    Anyway, mindful education is turning into a movement for none whites, anyone, our children have been called stupid, told they will never amount to anything and we know we have been their.

    Literally children are not born chained at least their spirit is free until we send them to school to be abused. And purposely encouraged to leave.

    This must not be acceptable in any shape or form. Mindful is to nurture a child and find his strengths or hers. Treat them with love and respect and darn it teach them true history. 10 point Zinn Project.

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