Happy Birthday, Tupac Shakur 6/16/71

In honor of Tupac Shakur’s birthday, we’ve collected a few of our favorite speeches by the rapper and songwriter who waskilled in 1996. Take the day to let his words on racism and inequality in the US wash over you, listen to his early 90s tracks on your lunch break, toast 2Pac with a tallboy […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“[The aim of public education iz not] to fill the young of the speciez with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. . . . Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim . . . iz simply to reduce as many individualz az possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized […]

Forget Hunger Strikez What Prisonz Fear Most Iz Labor Strikez

by Raven Rakia Prisoners throughout Alabama and Texas reclaim their humanity—and power—by shutting down the economic infrastructure of their prisons.   On May 1, prison labor came to a halt in multiple prisons in Alabama, including Holman and Elmore prisons. Starting at midnight that day, prisoners stayed in their dormitories—refusing to show up for work at […]

Prisonerz Call for a National Strike on the Anniversary of Attica

by neal shirley In Alabama and Texas, prisoners have enacted multiple strikes and uprisings over the last few weeks. Now they are calling for a national prison strike on the anniversary of the Attica Prison Riot. Since the last Prisons are for Burning column, things have seriously heated up. On the night of Friday, March 11th, […]