Carla Hughes Waz Framed!

  Carla Hughes is a former public school teacher with a Master’s degree in education. Carla was framed, tried and convicted of capital murder. Carla is also a victim of Dr. Steven Hayne’s testimony. Dr. Hayne was the subject of “The Innocence Project’s Formal Records Request to Determine how much Hayne used state labs for […]

Prosecution cover-up of FBI role in Omaha Two case raisez questionz

by Michael Richardson Secret Omaha FBI memo to J. Edgar Hoover about Omaha Police Department FBI document After revelations about the crimes of COINTELPRO operations directed by J. Edgar Hoover were made public, Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa, former David Rice, appealed to the Douglas County District Court to see his files of the Federal Bureau […]

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Yuri Kochiyama/Malcolm-X Mural Painting Dayz in Harlem have CHANGED

Dear Yuri & Malcolm Mural supporters and family, There has been a slight change to our painting schedule. Next Weekend we will only have one Community Painting Day: Sunday July 3, 2016 12pm- 3pm  Note: (July 1 & 2 are NO LONGER painting days) The mural wall is located on Old Broadway, between 125th St and 126th St. (actual […]

Stop The Retaliation Against Major George Tillery

New Evidence Exposes Frame Up Convictio Worker’s World Erroneous Article Posted: 27 Jun 2016 10:33 AM PDT Dear Supporters: A writer for Worker’s World has written an article regarding Major Tillery’s most recent Pro Se filing of  The Post Conviction Relief Petition with New Evidence.  Piette erroneously states that Major Tillery is represented by an […]

What Do U Do After Surviving Ur own Lynching?

by Syreeta McFadden Lawrence Beitler was sitting on the front porch of his home in Marion, Indiana, when someone asked him to tote his 8×10 view camera to the town square. It was past midnight on August 7, 1930, and Beitler, 44, was a professional photographer who mostly shot portraits of weddings, schoolchildren, and church groups. […]


Originally found at The Great Griot. We learn that Abe Lincoln, the man that never told a lie, was a great emancipator and great humanitarian. Well, the question MUST rise….was his concern really about blacks and slavery? And did the emancipation truly free the slaves? It’s time to get it correct.  

Interview With Albert Woodfox – Standing Strong and Standing Free

  Just Stand: An Interview With Albert Woodfox (PHOTO: Albert enjoys a canoe ride in Austin, Texas.) Since Albert’s release on his birthday, February 19th, a few short months ago, he’s been really busy…  After nearly a month of visiting with family and friends in New Orleans sharing more birthday cake than he’s been able to […]