Deadly Conditionz in Texaz Prisonz

Sign and Share  Imagine being locked in a concrete cell struggling to breathe for hours on end. This is a reality for many Texas prisoners. The stifling summer heat, which can cause temperatures to reach up to 130 degrees indoors, is unbearable. In these conditions, some might not survive, and since 2007, there have been […]

“The Insourcing of Prison Labor”: Seven US Corporate Household Namez Use Prison Labor to Produce their Goodz

by Kelley Davidson   You won’t believe who’s on this list. Once slavery was abolished in 1865, manufacturers scrambled to find other sources of cheap labor—and because the 13th amendment banned slavery (except as punishment for crimes), they didn’t have to look too far. Prisons and big businesses have now been exploiting this loophole in the 13th amendment […]

Politikal Prisoner Sundiata Acoli Denied Parole

From Sundiata: “Greetings Everyone, i’m back at FCI Cumberland as of yesterday: 6/22, i was held incommunicado prior 2 this except one letter 2 Flo my last nite there; they denied parole and r preparing 2 give me an extended hit. i’m holding up well, hope u all r 2…considering. i’ll give u a more […]

SON LITTLE NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

December 18, 2015 by BOB BOILEN Son Little’s music pushes gospel and blues into the 21st century with guitar processing, including backward drones, and choirs made from his looped voice. As wonderful as his 2015 self-titled album sounds, having him at the Tiny Desk with his acoustic guitar and unprocessed voice, accompanied only by his […]