The ‘fundamentalism’ in police operationz

by Steve Martinot Introduction As police murders accumulate, and police chiefs get fired and replaced because they cannot stop it – as in Oakland and San Francisco – the notion that this represents a political crisis becomes a truism. It is not a “crisis of policing,” which would suggest a situation beyond the capacities of […]

Black woman prisoner in Alabama fightz for voting rightz: Transformation v. modification

by Tara Belcher Joining the discourse on the topic of voting currently permeating American thought, I want to address a point overlooked and ignored, that Alabama Constitution Article VIII Section 177 (a) and (b) are contradictory. The former states, “Every citizen of the United States who has attained the age of 18 years … shall […]

Black August 2016

by NABPP-PC Minister of Justice Bobby Marion Dixon From behind the enemy lines of the California State Prison System, from within the “belly of the beast” that is the Amerikan injustice system, I greet you all and call for your full attention to the annual commemoration of Black August and invite all prisoners and families […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“August iz a month of meaning, of repression and radical resistance, of injustice and divine justice, of repression and righteous rebellion, of individual and collective effortz to free the slavez and break the chainz that bind uz.” – Mumia Abu-Jamal

Black August Memorial: an interview with Kasim Gero, Patuxent Prison

On FLEA Days, Tupac Shakur, Baltimore, Kwanzaa, women-comrades and the revolutionary experience of Black August by Emilia A. Ottoo Kasim O. Gero is currently housed as an inmate at the Patuxent Institution in Jessup, Maryland. The unedited answers to these questions are his added consent to this interview and dissemination of information in alignment with […]

Full Transcript of Jalil Muntaqim’z 2016 Parole Hearing

Transcript of Jalil’s 2016 Parole Hearing Dear Family, Friends and Supporters: I firmly believe folk reading this transcript will have a complete understanding of how the Commissioners’ questioning was biased, and simply sought to support a decision for denial. Unfortunately, the stenographer made typos in transcribing the hearing. For example, on page 9, line 6 […]

Black August iz coming!

Black Power 96.3 FM Radio invites you to celebrate Black August, a month known for historic acts of African resistance, from the Haitian Revolution to the rebellions in Ferguson. Beginning Aug. 1, visit for special Black August coverage. And mark your calendar now for a LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST on Sunday, Aug. 21, 4pm U.S. […]