The Bigot’z View of Black Livez Matter

    Black Lives Matter is comprised of a group of people who are tired of Black people being brutalized and killed by police. They organize to protest this treatment by exercising their first amendment right; freedom of assembly. Anyone who has a problem with that is mentally twisted. The name “Black Lives Matter,” does […]

Michigan prisonerz rise up!

Overcrowded and underfunded state prisons spawn resistance by Rand W. Gould “The everyday activity of slaves reproduces slavery. Through their daily activities, slaves do not merely reproduce themselves and their masters physically; they also reproduce the instruments with which the master represses them, and their own habits of submission to the master’s authority.” – Fredy […]

Video on the Virgin Islandz 3

  Author name: Michael Antonio Joseph, writing as Michael A. Joseph, Esq. Title: Fountain Valley 1972 Page size/soft or hardcover/color or b&w interior/page count/SRP/ISBN: 6×9, soft, b&w, 252 pp, $15.95, 978-1-62857-984-0 Synopsis: My family grew up on the U.S. island of St. Croix, free from America’s skin color drama. We locals refer to white people […]

Tues., Oct. 18: Twitter Storm for PP Jalil Muntaqim

Jalil will be 65 years old on October 18, 2016. He has been in prison since he was 19 years old. Due to the pernicious influence of the PBA over the NYS Parole Board, Jalil has been denied parole 9 times. In addition to appealing this latest parole denial, Jalil has also submitted a request […]

Vanguard of the Revolution

In the era of Black Lives Matter, what is the legacy of the Black Panther Party? Stephen Shames revisits his chronicle of American activism. By Jessica Lynne Stephen Shames, Kathleen Cleaver, Communications Secretary and the first female member of the Party’s decision-making Central Committee, talks with Black Panthers from Los Angeles, in DeFremery Park, West Oakland, California, July […]

What Today’z Artist-Activistz Can Learn From the Black Pantherz, 50 Yearz On

By Chloe Veltman, KQED If you want to get a sense of how art goes hand in hand with political activism, spend a little time with Emory Douglas and Ericka Huggins. As “Minister of Culture” and a lead graphic artist for the Panthers, Douglas created striking images for the party’s weekly newspaper, like a famous ink […]

NBK VINTAGE: Young Spirit House Moverz

LEROI JONES YOUNG SPIRIT HOUSE MOVERS AND PLAYERS, FROM INSIDE BED-STUY, 1968 Described by Inside Bedford-Stuyvesant producer Charles Hobson as one of the program’s “most-requested pieces”, this video features the Leroi Jones Young Spirit House Movers and Players delivering a jaw-droppingly powerful spoken-word performance. These kids, from Bed-Stuy and Brownsville, deliver a powerful protest about […]