The Bigot’z View of Black Livez Matter



Black Lives Matter is comprised of a group of people who are tired of Black people being brutalized and killed by police. They organize to protest this treatment by exercising their first amendment right; freedom of assembly. Anyone who has a problem with that is mentally twisted.

The name “Black Lives Matter,” does not exclude or detract from other lives, it simply refers to the Black people who are the victims of police killings. Common sense says that all lives matter, people of every race, but Black ones in particular are being targeted by police. Anyone who cannot deduce this logic is intellectually slow-witted.

Anytime someone – mainly of the white persuasion – interprets Black Lives Matter and their purpose as negative, threatening, or menacing, they are basically allowing their racism to shine through. In all honesty, they cannot understand why Black people will not simply stand there and take the abuse without complaining about it.

They use terms such as “noncompliant,” “rebellious,” or even “anti-American,” because Blacks have the audacity to speak out when they are innocently shot down in the streets, beaten by a cop, or arrested for no reason. They believe that all Blacks are guilty to some extent and deserve whatever sentences the police dolls out. Well kiss all our Black asses.

No one in their right mind is going to stand by for long and take the type of brutal treatment of their own people at the hands of deranged and psychopathological ingrates. All men have the God-given right to speak up about brutality and by the nature of human behavior, will do so every time. Anyone who disagrees with that is apparently not human.

White folks today are showing the same indifference toward Black life as their forefathers did; who threw sick Africans overboard the slaves ships; whipped and shot slaves who would be damned if they would be enslaved; beat and raped Black women, whipped and hung Black men for years, and disenfranchised them from society for decades.

So for the whites who have a problem with Black Lives Matter and what it actually means, it is no shock the white mind thinks this way. Black lives do not matter in your book and probably never will. However, the fact that the white mind cannot comprehend its concept reveals the mental ineptitude inherited from the founding fathers. A murderous one.

© Aug 2016


8 thoughts on “The Bigot’z View of Black Livez Matter

  1. This is part of the larger meme which, unfortunately, has become a part of our culture. The idea that if police are involved the person must have done something wrong.
    It is statism at it’s basest level. Worship of the any form almost always causes people to believe that anyone who serves is above reproach. Their word can be trusted while anyone who is victimised probably deserves it. Maybe not in that particular instance but they must be guilty of something since law enforcement noticed them.
    This is also why people need education about jury nullification and that, no matter what a judge says the law is they do not have to return with any verdict whatsoever. Its just that judges bully juries by refusing to accept no verdict by imposing forced isolation and setting 12-15 hr days until the judge gets what they want.
    If people understood that most of what judges say in instructions is bullshit and know the law and Constitution they would be tougher to bully. It only takes one person on a jury who refuses to be intimidated to throw a wrench into the mechanics of the system.
    That one jury member can also be like a computer virus that infects the whole jury to act according to conscience instead of being manipulated by the system.

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  3. Reblogged this on Purple Silky Kisses and commented:
    Thanks, Moorbey’z Blog for setting the record straight. I for one do not understand how some ppl can be so very literal as opposed to seeing the big picture. We are not all criminals and here’s a news flash: Even Criminals have rights!

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