DEC 09 – Rally in Philadelphia

  Activists and supporters worldwide mark December 9 on our calendars every year as the anniversary of the state’s 1981 attempted assassination of Mumia Abu-Jamal on the streets of Philadelphia, but this year is different. Mumia faces deteriorating health with his untreated hepatitis C infection and a further risk from the black, oily water being […]

Foward To the 50th

The Walter Rodney Commission Report and the unfinished businezz of Rodney’z murder

credits: Atlanta Black Star Wazir Mohamed Although the presidential commission of inquiry completed its task and published its report, the work of justice for Walter Rodney is not yet over. His family needs justice. The political context in which Rodney was murdered remains largely intact in Guyana. And the lessons of his killing should be […]

Dr. Walter Rodney: Revolutionary intellectual, socialist, Pan-Africanikt and historian

Walter Rodney by Ajamu Nangwaya Walter Rodney has demonstrated through thought and action that it is not inevitable for intellectuals to join the systems of oppression and use their knowledge and skills to perpetuate exploitation. They have the option of committing “class suicide.” Rodney called on the intelligentsia to use their knowledge and skills to […]

Yesterday’s Family Members & Citizens Were Illegally Denied Access to Courtroom and Forced by N.Y.P.D. from Federal Court Building 500 Pearl Street

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee NYC (IWOC NYC) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, October 20, 2016 Contact: Karen Zhou, 917.715.7866, BX Family Members Illegally Denied Access to Courtroom and Forced by N.Y.P.D. from Federal Court Building Yesterday, families, friends and supporters of the Bronx 120 traveled to 500 Pearl Street to be present at the initial […]

POV: Civil Rightz vs. Black Power

  An Excerpt from The Magic Of Juju by Kalamu ya Salaam Civil Rights vs. Black Power. Encouraged by the 1954 “Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka” Supreme Court school desegregation ruling, the Civil Rights Movement organized and focused African American discontent with the status quo. Moreover, once this discontent was put into motion […]

Fifty Years Later, Black Pantherz’ Art Still Resonatez

The Black Panther Party was founded 50 years ago in Oakland, on Oct. 15, 1966, and within two years it had chapters across the country. The New York Times is taking this opportunity to explore the Black Panthers’ legacy, through their iconic use of imagery and how they were covered in its own pages. The […]

Pantherz’ impact on pop culture more complex than black and white

By Otis R. Taylor Jr. Photo: Guerrilla Funk San Francisco-born rapper Paris re-creates the famous image of Black Panthers co-founder Huey Newton in a wicker chair. Paris’ songs and shows are filled with Panther references. They wore black berets over Afros, and their natural curls bounced as their legs and hips kicked and swiveled in […]